• You will need to download the DISCORD app on your phone and/or computer. https://discord.com/  
  • You will need to set up an account (just like any other social media platform, or streaming service i.e. Zoom)
  • You will have received an email from me with a link to join my server (Wholistic Wellness with Colleen Fletcher). If requested when you are connecting with my server, my server ID is ColleenFletcher#2023, and you might be asked for just my 4 digit code. That is #2023
  • Once you have clicked that link you will be asked to join or sign in.
  • Below we have plenty of notes to help you out.



Awesome! If you have an account already created, just click the link at the top of this document, click the 'login button' and login. You will then be prompted to Open Wholistic Wellness with Colleen Fletcher. And you’re in! You have now joined my server. My server id is ColleenFletcher#2023

My server is called Wholistic Wellness with Colleen Fletcher.

If you have not been a part of discord, then you will need to set up an account.

Your birthday, an email and a password, that's all you need.

After that you will want to open the email “Verify Email Address for Discord” (to your associated email address). Once your email is verified, you are set.

This will take you to your home screen.

Along the left-hand side of the screen, there should be a circle with Colleen’s beautiful face!

If you hover the cursor over the picture it should show “Wholistic Wellness with Colleen Fletcher”

Click on the picture to enter Colleen’s server “Wholistic Wellness with Colleen Fletcher”

And you’re in the server! Click around in welcome-start-here, # upcoming-events, # resources, etc. to look around in the server. You can see server information and different channels and classrooms along the left-hand side. You can also see other members (online and offline) along the right.

Depending on why you are here with me, you will be joining me in a different room. Found on the left side of your screen.

Private sessions

Fireside Discord Chat

Reiki Share


and even the

Rose Quartz Room

Emerald Room

(these are normally used for my breakaway classrooms when I am teaching)

If you are here for a Fireside Discord Chat then click on the secure voice or video call section located on the left hand side.

Scroll through the menu along the left-hand side.

    and click on ROSE QUARTZ ROOM. This is a private room, and access will be granted with payment.

    Under the ROSE QUARTZ ROOM, click                  to join in the class. 

Once you have clicked on the desired room, you will need to allow access to your microphone.

    Click OK or Allow, when prompted, to allow access to your microphone.

Once connected, you will have to click your video button,

in the lower left corner, to enable your video so we can see your bright, shining face! Be sure to Disconnect

 mute and disconnect the call when needed

From here, you can also download the Discord App for desktop or mobile device. You don’t have to have the app, but it does make it easier if you plan on using frequently. Click on the orange bar along the top. From there you will be prompted to select which type of system (Computer – MacOS, PC, Linux or Phone – Apple IOS or Android). Select your system. Then open and run as prompted.

Discord on your phone

Follow the steps above for signing up

Click on the three lines in the upper left-hand corner, this will direct you to the different channels, classrooms and rooms within the server.

In order to participate, you will first have to verify your email. Open the email “Verify Email Address for Discord” (to your associated email address) and click that button.

As there are so many different phones and carriers out there, it is a bit difficult to know exactly how they all work. YOU know your phone better than I, follow the directions above with your phone and knowledge of that system.

Keep this in mind too

  • I have some limits set up to keep my server, and your experience safe.
  • Because of this, you might not be able to see all of my classrooms (the info on the left) in the beginning.
  • Right before your scheduled event you will see the classroom open up.
  • IF you do not see your selected classroom then click on the 'waiting room'.
  • Swiping left and right is how you will see other options from your phone.
  • Right clicking on your computer shows you more options.

Thanks so much, and I'll see you soon,


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