You, Me And The Trees

Together, through kindred experience with trees we change yOUR™️ world meditation at a time

How to Meditate with a Tree

The subtleties, the gentle power of trees around us. The offerings they share, while being in their own strength and beauty.

The Way You See Yourself: Body, Mind and Spirit Positive

Body positive and self esteem issues are a massive part of our lives, and there are many subtle nuances for each individual. This topic is not a cookie cutter, one size fits all, type of thing.

Anxiety and Depression

There have always, and will always, be ups and downs of life. This information is intended to get you through those times. To grow through them.

Finding Pleasure in Solitude

Solitude, and being an introvert

Even if you are not an introvert, there is much to benefit from having some time to contemplate, in solitude. That inner source of your being, your higher self, subconscious whatever you what to call it, it likes to have its own personal time to chat with you. Chat with it, listen and trust, get inspiration.

Fear - New Ways to Conquer it.

Words and how they affect you have different meanings and emotions attached to them. There are many ways to conquer your FEAR, by shifting your words into ones of positive meanings.

Expanding your Self Care

The more one does self care, the more that can be accomplished in life.

Limiting Beliefs - Breaking the Bonds That Hold Us Back in Live

We are often unaware of our limiting beliefs because they were "passed down" to us by

the attitudes and beliefs of others.