I am an introvert – I get my nourishment from being alone. I love being with friends and going to parties, but for me to thrive in who and what I am, I need my alone time. And, I love being alone with the trees because if you haven’t noticed yet, I LOVE trees!

(As a side note, many dictionaries describe solitude, as feelings of loneliness. I totally disagree! How can you be lonely when finding the nourishment from within yourself?)

Even if you are not an introvert, there is much to benefit from having some time to contemplate in solitude. That inner source of your being, your higher self, subconscious whatever you what to call it, it likes to have its own personal time to chat with you. Chat with it, listen and trust, get inspiration.

Take that time to chat with your inner being. Learn to love solitude, for there is the true nature of your being. Sometimes, it is in silence when we really hear what we have to say.

Find some time (daily, weekly, monthly, whenever!) to have a little time to cultivate your inner being with solitude. I do this on a daily basis — well, not each of these are done daily (I wish!), but each day I make sure to take a minute to be alone, with myself. 

  • Visit your favorite park, (yes, I am American so I have a deep love for parks - it’s like it is bred into us).
  • Go to the beach and watch the waves roll in.
  • Find a favorite room in your house that is quiet – sit and enjoy.
  • Take a bath.
  • Ride a bike.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Meditate.
  • Do some breathing exercises.

Yes, all of these things can be done with others, but the idea here is to enjoy your solitude.

Say, speak, revel, shout, whatever works for you, these affirmations while enjoying your solitude.

“When I nourish my solitude, I continue to trust my inner voice.”

“Solitude is a beneficial way for me to thrive in life.”

“With solitude, I am invigorated.”

It's one of my older videos, but enjoy, it is filled with trees.

Go, be in solitude my lovelies.

Come back and connect with me though, I'll miss you otherwise😊



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