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Somatic bodywork

Somatic bodywork

Regeneration for today, and tomorrow

"I have been in the healing business, giving & receiving, for several years and Colleen is the one that was able to help in areas I have spent several years searching for help. She is truly gifted, loving and so uplifting! I felt absolutely amazing when floating out of her place! Katy, Featherville Idaho

Through the medium of touch, I thrive in facilitating your journey into pure paradise

Even if you have tried massage before:

  • Flow into total body comfort
  • Ease chronic pain
  • Calm nerves
  • Soothe stress
  • Connect to your divine beauty
  • Empower your inner goddess

Swedish Massage - Nourishes, stretches and soothes your muscles while calming your senses. Swedish Massage supports your body to liberate you from your burdens and loosen your physical and mental constraints. Release stored tension, and unwind to thrive in a more relaxed you.

Postural Rebalancing -  Addresses chronic pain, misalignment of body structure and repetitive movement injuries. It is a very specific type of work and not for everyone. Please contact me first to see if this specialized treatment is for you. Precise bodywork for body pains.

Energetic Massage -  This gentle massage uses vital chi to clear the way for a higher level of calm and clarity in your mind and body. It is a combination of hands on Swedish massage, and energy work. The majority of my clients request this bodywork service.

Pure Bliss Massage and Facial Combo - High performance, nutrient rich facial, coupled with a Swedish massage that supports your body to liberate you from your burdens and loosen your physical and mental constraints. This combination releases stored tension, and brings your skin into a state of repaired, glowing personal beauty. Yes, this is 1& 1/2 hours of pure bliss! * This is the second most requested bodywork service.

A great addition to any of your massage sessions is my Chi Machine.

Live in focused calm

I have a unique talent in easing your pains, which is not for everyone.

Through my vast combination of training, and the merging of my heart and hands, my clients realize the power of my work and benefits to their body.

The majority of my massage clients come from out of town and state, due to the individualized power of my work. If you are looking for a traditional deep tissue massage, I feel I am not the best person for you on your massage path.

Feel free to call and talk with me about how to best serve you in your journey to wellness.

Wow, your massage was so different. Like it was so simple, but so much more effective than anything I have had before.  Laura, Boise 2016 Energetic Massage
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  • Bring Balance to Your Whole

  • Ease Aches & Pains

  • Naturally Good for You

  • Revel in the Awesomeness of You

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