Dream into tranquil being

Dance into trusting yourself, calm into eased belly aches, fly on wings of enlightened self care.

Chakras are energetic wheels, or centers in your body.

These centers perpetually move, like little vortexes, activating health or illness within your body and mind.

The ancient knowledge of balancing these centers is infused with Tibetan singing bowl vibrations, specific crystals and gemstones & guided meditation of color and mantras into your body to bring on your thriving state of health, one that is a total place of oneness and enlightened equilibrium. And a total kick in the butt fun.

"The whole effect of my chakras being balanced continues to ease my headaches, self doubts and fears."

- JD Meridian Idaho- 2018

What to Expect

Your journey begins with placing unique crystals on targeted areas of your body, on your seven primary chakras.

Followed by a short relaxational hypnotherapy session, which I call deepening. You will be guided through a Color Meditation. Which uses each of the seven colors of the seven main chakras to awaken the emotions, the feelings, the desires and your true nature from deep within.

Next, you will travel along the waves of a healing Sound Meditation, soothing you with either the sound of my voice or a Tibetan singing bowl (whichever is right for you). You will then embrace both meditations in silence, at which time you will be left to harmonize with the preceding meditations.

  • Be carried away on a journey of colour to activate on a cellular level.
  • Soothing vibrations of sound calm frayed nerves.
  • Time spent balancing your spiritual self brings harmony into life.
"Colleen is my alternative to anti-depressants".

— JL - Boise, Idaho 2016

Awaken to enlightened equilibrium

$120 per session

Benefits for the rest of your life = priceless.

Please contact me directly to set up your appointment.

208 841 9062