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    Rise to the full potential of your being

    Distance Energy Healing is a technique that harnesses the principle of energy transference between healer (me) and client (you).

    Quantum Electrodynamics is energy transference, used to get you back into your prime. Today, and for tomorrow.

    What is Energy Healing?

    • Scientifically, energy is defined as ‘the ability or capacity to do work.’
    • One form of energy can be readily transformed into another; for instance, a battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy.
    • Sound energy – a wave that moves out from a source as a result of molecules on an object vibrating. Energetic resonance occurs when two vibrations connect. My son is a drummer, believe me when I say, “I know the vibrations of sound.”
    • Motion/kinetic energy – the energy an object possesses because of its motion.

    So we have an idea of energy now. To take it one more level, Energy Healing is what I activate within myself and share with you.

    Now for one more level, that of Distance Energy Healing.

    Imagine yourself in a large room with two grand pianos adjacent to one another. In silence, you press middle C on one piano and let that sound fill the room. You play the note again. Let it enter your mind. Let it be the only noise you hear.

    When you listen deeply, you notice the sound of the note you played also coming from the second piano. If you look inside its body, you can see its middle C string vibrating. This is sympathetic resonance, and it also happens to humans (and animals, but we can get to that later ;) ). One person’s voice, one’s energy, greet’s another’s with sympathetic resonance. 

    Distance Energy Work and Reiki uses the concept of sympathetic resonance to administer energy healing from afar. From the vibration of noise to the reflection of light waves, and the sensation of heat from the sun on your skin, energy moves and transfers vibration (sensation!) with it. 

    Distance energy sessions utilize that ability of energy to travel so that you can feel the effects of treatments without ever leaving the comfort of home, no matter where in the world you live. When I quiet my mind and concentrate my focused energy on you, no matter how great the distance, I will resonate sympathetically with you. 

    Activate and stimulate

    the natural healing processes of your body, and restore physical and emotional bad-ass-ness.

    Wanna be there (the vision you have of your life)?

    • Tired to Energized
    • Belly aches to Active Metabolism
    • Clenching your jaw when you sleep? No more.
    • Purpose driven life.
    • Anxiety to Certainty.

    The essence of quantum touch brings new heights to your total

    How does this work via distance?

    1. You set up your appointment with me.
    2. You will receive an invoice for payment.
    3. You fill out the Client Intake Form that is emailed to you. Please be totally honest and fill out all parts of this form. YES, it is extensive, for a reason. I need to know as much about you as possible to give you the best care and guidance.
    4. Once your invoice is paid and your intake form is filled out you are good to go.
    5. At the scheduled time of your appointment you find your quiet place of contemplation. This can be outside under your favorite tree, on your couch, you can be just waking up for the day, your favorite place to meditate. The idea here is: I want you to be calm without the barriers of work and life getting in the way. It is invaluable for you to be deeply relaxed to benefit fully from each session. 
    6. You have the choice to receive your session with me on Discord or enjoying the time completely solo. If you choose to share these experiences together then ensure that you are still in a place where you can fully recline into your most comfortable position.
    7. Please have your own relaxing music ready as I am not able to stream music for you.
    8. After your session I will phone/email (however your chosen form of contact works best) you to talk about your session. What came up, what to do next, any number of variables happen here, all in furthering the benefits of your session.
    9. You set up your next appointment for continued well being.
    I can't imagine my life without you. My back no longer hurts. I am confident about being a parent to my intensely wonderful 3 children. Colleen, you are my lifeline.

    — DR Colorado - 2020

    My Credentials - 

    • Licensed Massage Therapist
    • Reiki Master
    • Usui
    • Holy Fire
    • ​Intuitive Healer - in order of most to lease
    • Clairsentient and highly empathic
    • Claircognizant
    • Clairolfactus and Clairgustance 
    • Clairaudient
    • Certified Hypnotherapist
    • Philosopher of Metaphysics
    • Dean of Student Services (Divine College of Metaphysics)
    • Ordination Director (Divine College of Metaphysics)
    • Licensed Esthetician
    • Meditation Guide
    • Ordained Minister

    Why should I see you instead of someone else? 

    Well, I’m writing this so I could say “ummm, duh, because I’ve done it forever and I’m pretty good.” I won’t. Here are some of the reasons people like to see me.

    • Client confidentiality - who you are and what you do is no one else’s business. I do not talk about my famous clients. 
    • Any of the people working on my team have signed non disclose forms and know what a brat I can be about your confidentiality
    • 27 years in the traditional healing arts business.
    • 47 years in personal meditation expansion.
    • I share my knowledge of other treatments with you (with your permission of course).
    • Let’s say you are wanting energy healing for shoulder pain. I will share my knowledge in massage therapy with you. 
    • Best stretches for your shoulder pain.
    • Posture rebalancing
    • Gait analysis (I watch how you walk).
    • I actually care about you.

    Live enlightened equilibrium

    $120 for today

    Priceless for life

    Please call or email to set up your appointment

    208 841 9062