Upcoming Events

Why hello, my friends. I look forward to seeing you online or in person for your next class, workshop or course.

Colleen Fletcher

I am a one (wonder) woman show here, with a little help along the way. Because I want to offer you the best in care and support I make my life as easy as possible. And, having one calendar for you to look at, does that.

When you do see another page for some of these events then feel free to visit them. You will get lucky and find more info!!

Looking through this calendar is the best way to see what is coming up in the way of ...

  • Metal-tations™ - A rant and a rap (meditation) through the merging of metal music and mindfulness.
  • You, Me and the Trees - Connections with yOUR™ internal selves through the beauty of trees.
  • Mindful meditations - Internal connections and guidance.
  • Mindful Walks in the park - Same as above, just in nature.
  • Retreats - Calming soothing self care in longer formats of Reiki, mindfulness and personal well being.

Ensure that you click on the description of the event to see further details.

Many of these are offered online and in person. If they are offered online then that is either on my live stream page or my Discord server, the description will let you know. Join the Discord server now to make it easier later✨


Click here for the link to my calendar