Colleen Fletcher Wholistic Wellness Consultant

Yay! I'd love to see you in one of my upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

I am a one (wonder) woman show here (don't worry, I ask for plenty of help to keep myself sane). Because I want to offer you the best in care and support I make my life as easy as possible. You will see a calendar listed and a link to view more details about each class. Use them to best help support YOU.

Many of these are offered online and in person. If they are offered online then that is either on my live stream page or my Discord server, the description will let you know. Join the Discord server now to make it easier later✨

  • Boutique Shopping Hours

    One day a week I'll be available for you to come on in for a chat, some help with best products for YOU, and a hug if you need.

    Wedensday 4pm - 6pm 
  • You, Me and the Trees

    Gentle power of times then and now, trees share with you and me. Together, through kindred experience we change yOUR™️ world one meditation at a time. Donation based 1st Saturday of the month meditation.

    Join the group