About Me

I believe women hold the keys to the long term healing of themselves, their families, and the world.

My business began in late 1994 shortly after my son, Isiah, was born. I often say that, “I always wanted to have a happy well-adjusted human; not just a son.” My desire to make that want, a reality, resulted in a pursuit of massage therapy. Feeling that an education in massage would be effective in both: deriving an income that was flexible and worked around being a single mom. I began my career as a massage therapist.

Core Values

I believe in the grace of simplicity and W.H.O.L.E living

I want to share with you what I value, personally and professionally. These are my core values, and you can expect to see them in all of my interactions with you:


  • I believe in Living a Thriving Life
  • I believe in whole Health, Happiness & Beauty.
  • I believe in the next 7 generations.

 Happiness - Good fortune, pleasure, content, smiling, and internal well being. Whatever happiness is for you, my work frees your body, mind and spirit to allow happiness to radiate daily in your life.

 The next 7 generations - Taking care of yourself, your family and our planet. I ensure that I do my part in curating our world in a way that the next seven generations can live in happiness and peace, in an environment sustainable and thriving, filled with ALL life.

 Honesty – I believe honesty is key. I will always be honest with you and I encourage you to seek honesty in yourself. I mean what I say, I say what I mean, and I say it nicely, honestly.

Giving – Giving to others is my way of paying forward my gratitude toward everyone and everything that has contributed to where and who I am today. As a business, I give in many ways to the community and to the world. I support the arts, libraries and parks around the world.

Comfort – You are welcome here; I extend an open invitation to you. I strive to create a sanctuary style environment (both in my boutique and online) that will make you feel safe, supported, and nurtured. I believe that such an environment is necessary for trust and that trust is necessary for true growth.

Love – I love LOVE. I have love for nature, our world, ourselves and others. Love is at the center of my work. Expect me to use it as a guiding principle in my care for you.

Gratitude - Thank you. Thanks to you, my business exists. Gratitude is my way of incorporating honesty, love, comfort and happiness into my services, and my business. And it is my way of passing on benevolence to the next seven generations. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 10,000 thank you's! 

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Upcycle - I don’t just think green, I am green. I practice in ways that support, sustain, and honor the world we live in. My products, my tools and my processes reflect these values. I love our planet, the communities we all live in, and have no problem showing it! Here is a great way to upcycle flannel sheets that can be used for so many options in business and in personal life.

 Here's more all about me

W.H.O.L.E. - Wellness. Holistic Health. Oneness. Love and Life. Enlightened Equilibrium

I have no name for what I do to bring the life altering art of well-being into your life.

I never even knew how different and - talented, professional, effective, powerful, holy crap that was different ( all your words, not mine) of a guide and friend (my words for healer) that I am until YOU started asking.

Thank you for asking, it makes me dive deeper into who, and what I am all about.


I am trained in the art of listening to your body, mind and spirit.

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Reiki Master
    • Usui
    • Holy Fire
  • ​Intuitive Healer - in order of most to lease
    • Clairsentient and highly empathic
    • Claircognizant
    • Clairolfactus and Clairgustance 
    • Clairaudient
  • Certified Hypnotist
  • Philosopher of Metaphysics
  • Dean of Student Services (Divine College of Metaphysics)
  • Ordination Director (Divine College of Metaphysics)
  • Licensed Esthetician
  • Mindful Meditation Guide
  • Ordained Minister

I have one sister, and we had a brother. I’m a mom to one boy, and have 4 perfectly goofy nieces.

I want to work with you

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