Let's See If We Are A Good Fit

Colleen Fletcher, let's see if we are a good fit

I serve:

I honour knowledge seekers and vagabonds, motorcycle lovers, and music makers. Join me, nature lovers and tree huggers, for I serve: Suncatchers and moon revelers, creative space binders, joy finders, and ceremony poets, come, come dance with me.

Honor and Thanks:

I honour and give my thanks to the lands I live on now, and to whatever they were called before naming land took hold in humanity: Boise(Shoshone/Bannock), to the lands I was born on, Hawaii ('Āina), to the lands I grew up on (Kalapuya), to the trees of the world, to the heritage of my names, McManus and Fletcher, and to the countries I have lived: U.S. and Australia(Whadjuk). 


I provide the tools and resources for you to live a passionate life, with radiant skin, free of pain, filled with confidence and purpose.

Personal Desire:

I love to travel, whether it is by jumping on a plane to faraway lands or by reading a book about such places of fancy. This desire of mine? Every place I visit, I wish to learn about their traditional healing ways. The herbs, the thought processes, the healers, the shamans, the conjurers, I have the desire to follow in their footsteps of gentle, powerful healing for body, mind and spirit.


Trajectory of the World:

Do you ever feel a deep unease about the way society is headed? Do you appreciate slow sales, and slow self-wellness that bring about long-term personal and global well-being?

Perhaps you, like me, see the shift away from natural traditional wisdom and connection towards a world dominated by technology, artifice, and fast-paced commercialism. From the whispers of harmful chemicals in our food and personal care products to the endless hum of screens (black mirrors) stealing our moments of presence. We witness the vanishing forests, the choked waterways, atrocities of war and division, the erosion of fertile soil under our feet, and amidst the whispers (or are they screams?) of economic collapse and the plague of human suffering, we can't help but feel a sense of impending change. 

We yearn for something different within ourselves, footsteps of ancient wisdom in tune with the rhythms of nature. In a world increasingly focused on the material and mechanical, we seek to reclaim, even in small ways, a deeper understanding of what it means to be human. Perhaps you share this nuanced perspective? 


You Hold a Deep Appreciation for the Inclusion of the Human Experience:

From diverse cultures, traditions, and voices, the unique music, languages, and lifeways that bloom in each corner of the world and resonate with a beauty you cherish.

You value progress, but not at the cost of erasing the vibrant mosaic of human traditions. You thirst for solutions that embrace cultural richness and respect the delicate balance of the planet. You know kindness and understanding can pave the way for more productive conversations, love, and connection. 


Solar panels, wind turbines, and recycling bins are wonderful steps, but you hold a healthy skepticism for anything touted as a universal fix-all.  You understand the complexities of interconnected systems and the delicate balance between technological advancement and the unintended consequences that can occur. My friend, do you respect innovation that regards the wisdom carved from the roots of ancient trees as nurturing the heritage of lasting well-being?

Do you reimagine the machine instead of replacing cogs in a dilapidated worn-out mechanism?  Your skepticism isn't a cynical roadblock, but a critical lens seeking lasting sustainable solutions for communities, economies, and ecologies. 

Health and Wellness:

Health isn't just the absence of illness, it's a vibrant waltz of energy playing within you. Believing in wholistic health, where mind, body, and spirit dance in a lifelong conscious exploration of oneness is your jam. It's about nourishing your physical form with mindful movement and honest products while nurturing your emotional landscape with self-compassion and heartfelt kinship.

Here, wellness isn't a fleeting trend, it's about celebrating the intricate web of life, recognizing that our actions ripple outward, touching all corners of existence. This journey isn't about reaching some lofty enlightened state, but about finding your center. The messiness is embraced, the joy and sorrow, the light and shadow, it’s about cultivating an enlightened equilibrium where love and grace become the guiding force for positive change and personal growth.

You're on a Journey of Rediscovering your Connection to the World:

Dare I Call This, Religion or Spirituality? Or, Figuring Your Shit Out?

Even embracing the ancient wisdom of animism or Taoism, that of seeing everything around you as a friend and being in the flow. It's a journey of respect, of recognizing the inherent value in every creature and element walking the Earth.

The path, the way.

Instead of a definitive label, perhaps it's the spark of curiosity and friendship as you tune into the rhythm of nature, reveling in the spirit of the rustling leaves and the whispering wind. This open-mindedness allows you to explore, to learn, and to find your unique way of relating to the world around you.

And that's the beauty of it: the openness to wonder, the willingness to learn, and the constant expansion of your understanding.

"I believe in God, only I spell it Nature." - Frank Lloyd Wright


You pine for a world where individuals thrive alongside communities, and systems serve instead of control. It's why you believe in nourishing yourself and your family, seeking ways to shape a future that resonates with your values. You see beyond the patriarchy of past generations and institutions for governance: you know there are no easy answers yet you trust in the power of collaboration, of inclusive voices walking toward change.  Balancing individual rights with collective well-being you seek leaders who inspire and traverse the unpaved path to set new models in civics.

Local and Food:

You cultivate relationships with local farmers, solopreneurs, and micro businesses feeling the connection to the people they serve, and the communities they enrich. You know that true wealth blooms in strong communities: cities bursting with flourishing orchards, backyard chickens, clean water, and the gentle hum of urban beehives.

You envision a world where people live in harmony with the Earth, drawing their health and well-being from nature's bounty. Reveling in the joy of self-reliance and supporting individual businesses is like weaving yourself into its connective tissue.


You believe in the magic of childhood (whether they are your own, or you have chosen to not have any), where wild imaginations bloom through unstructured play in the embrace of being outdoors. The world becomes a vast playground, every leaf a treasure, and every puddle a portal to adventure. You question the traditional structures of institutionalized schooling, seeking instead to nurture a love of learning that flows organically from curiosity, joy, and play.

This Website, My Boutique, This Humble Work of All I Offer:

It's a beacon for those who choose the path of the different, seeking to reclaim a deeper acquaintance in every corner of their lives.

It's not just about me offering a solution, it's about you finding your own. It's about sparking a fire within and illuminating the beauty and interconnectedness that lie just beyond the unknown. This space is dedicated to helping you craft your well-being, we will walk hand-in-hand, exploring ways to nourish the soil of yOUR ™️life, enriching the world around us in Wellness, Holistic Health, Oneness, Love and Life, and Enlightened Equilibrium. 

So, if you, like me, deeply desire to walk on the Earth as a connected human, let this be your starting point. Let's walk together, along the path, the way of loving resistance, in the vibrant depths of our shared humanity. If this path beckons, you've reached your destination. I’m here as a guide for your next stage.


Thank you for taking your journey with me this far.

Much Love,

Colleen, and here is more about me.

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