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    I help women cultivate inner and outer beauty through holistic wellness practices.

    Business Established 1995

    UPCOMING EVENT: Cultivating Well-being A 3-Part Journey:

    I know, there are two more classes on this. Join us for them. Reiki for REJUVENATION and Chakra Balancing/Sound Bathing for SUSTAINABILITY in wellness. OH, and if you are out of town then you can still join. YAY!

    Break free from societal pressures, walk the path of self-compassion, and enjoy the breeze of life as it stirs your soul into thriving in your intrinsic value.

    Join Stephanie Florence from Yoga for Life and Colleen Fletcher from Wholistic Beauty for a well-being journey. One of blended meditation, Reiki, chakra balancing and yoga.

    In this 3 part journey we will explore, love and self-care through a guided meditation,  personal rejuvenation and self awakening through a Reiki session, and sustaining your health in a chakra balancing session.

    Are We a Good Fit?

    You yearn for something different within yourself.

    You value progress, but not at the cost of erasing the vibrant mosaic of human traditions.

    Do you reimagine the machine instead of replacing cogs in a dilapidated worn-out mechanism?

    Health isn't just the absence of illness, the journey isn't about reaching some lofty enlightened state, but about finding your center.

    I guide my clients towards discovering their unique pathways to holistic wellness and empowered self-expression.

    Experience serenity through local and distance somatic guidance, natural and organic multi-ethnic skincare services. Allow yourself to thrive in internal harmony, connecting with your true self through Reiki and somatic bodywork. Explore meditations that delve into topics on Wellness, Holistic Health, Oneness, Love & Life, and Enlightened Equilibrium.

    Journey With Me

    Journey along with me, to the places of your inner beauty, where you grow and thrive in life with confidence and ease. Cultivate inner and outer beauty through holistic wellness practices.