Immersive Energetic Masterclass

Direction | Focus | Self-Love | Expansion

For every body with a mind and a spirit
Empower yourself with the immense energies surrounding you and thrive in their benefits.

Goddesses that have become slightly derailed
Moms that feel they suck as a parent
Friends that feel they are too busy to see one another
    • Calm - when life is hectic.
    • Renew - the self-limiting beliefs still lingering in life.
    • Heal - resolve the underlying emotional issues that initiated the physical manifestations of pain. Holy crap is this a big one, and so important in expansion.
    • Grow - into YOU.


    Come with me and experience the dynamic force of your personal energetics

    I'm Colleen and I run private and semi-private energetic masterclasses. These are deeply immersive and bring you the gifts of Reiki and energetic healing into your life as YOU want it.

    What do I mean by this?

    Well, people use Reiki and energetic training for so many different things, so I weave and blend your Immersion in energetic training into specific teachings so you attain your personal goals, dreams and desires.


    This is a short list of how I have trained people in their own Immersive Energetic goals.

    • Real estate agents - imagine using Reiki to help sell your homes. What about those homes that have a funk about them and you know no amount of staging will help? Clean that funk out with your Reiki training.
    • Teachers - an energetically clean classroom daily, how amazing!
    • Chefs/Personal Chefs/Lovers of Food preparers - cook from your center, know your food is Reiki infused.
    • Hairdressers/barbers - stop taking on the funk of others, compound upon your creative ways.
    • Writers - ease writer's block, a title for that next book.
    • Want to connect more deeply with nature? An outdoor adventure (not free climbing el Capitan, however) is possible.
    • Movie producers. - think of having a calm set where things flow into being finished with ease.
    • Actors and actresses - think of lines going as planned. Acting from your internal well-being.
    • Learn a new career.
    • Musicians - play with calm, get over stage fright. 

    I would LOVE to talk with you to find out what your personal theme is, and how we can kick it in the butt so you THRIVE.



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        Release the legend you are meant to be.


        "I had taken Reiki 1 and 2 before, from someone else. I learned more in one hour from Colleen than I did in my previous weekend-long training. I am thrilled that I took this from Colleen. Now I know how to feel and use this inner guidance." A.T. Boise

        calmBreakdown of your Immersive Masterclass

          Day 1 
          • Tap into your preexisting energy flows. Energy flows that are waiting for you.
          • Empower the goddess of your personal true self. 
          • Revel in grace, comfort and ease.
          • Unlock the doors of your personal energetic freedom - freedom in your personal and your professional life. 

          Day 2
          • Mastery and activation in Reiki 1.
          • Meditations tapping into your divine, empowered self.
          • Meditations and training to activate your ‘personal theme’ and goals.
          • Understand the energetics within your body.
          • Reiki 1 immersion is all about YOU. Connecting to the immense consciousness within. 
          • Physically feel the flow of energy within your body.

          Day 3
          • Mastery and activation in Reiki 2.
          • Reiki meditations and training to further your personal training goals.
          • Compound the flow of your personal power.
          • Further level of understanding of energetics and Reiki in yourself, with others and your surroundings.
          Further Access with me:
          • Private access to Reiki Flow (group sessions and mini talks) on Discord - so you can keep on giving and receiving Reiki with others.
          • Mindful Walks in the Park - available to all mobility levels when you are in the Boise area.
          "Had I heard about Reiki and energetic healing from anyone other than Colleen, I would have never taken this masterclass nor experienced a private session with her. Colleen offers these trainings in such a way that it is fun to learn and powerful to receive. (Get a treatment session from her too.) Take a Reiki course or any training from Colleen!" KE Boise
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          This Masterclass is available online and in person


          What you'll learn, and who will you BE at the end of this Immersive Masterclass

          • Reiki-activated version of you; the mindful, powerful one you see in your dreams.
          • Confident leader in your world.
          • Connected to your superpowers.
          • Certified in Reiki 1 and Reiki 2. 
          • How to FEEL the energies flowing within and around you.


          What I provide for your personal immersed experience

          Colleen Fletcher


             Are we hiking or camping to revel in nature with this immersion?

            • No more than 6 miles one way for a hike into a camp spot.
            • There needs to be one day on both ends of the training for hiking and preparation. 
            • We need to talk a great deal about this as an option.
            • Depending upon the distance from my starting location there might be an all-expenses paid facet.

            Do you wish me to come to you?

            • Base masterclass fee plus all expenses.
            • We will need to talk in detail about this option.

             All training in Immersive Energetic Masterclass will include:

            • Everyday usage of Reiki and energetic knowledge- Reiki in your Real World.
            • Individual meditations tailored to your Immersion goals, tailored to your 'theme'.
            • Hands-on learning experience.
            • Training manual.

             Activate the sacred relationships deep within your body and mind. 

              frangipani row

              Private Reiki Immersive with Colleen Fletcher


              "Working with you has helped me connect deeper with myself, stand in my truth, process complex trauma, set and hold boundaries, and find a direction that resonates with my authentic self."KC Bend, Oregon

              Nature-infused Private Energetic Immersive Masterclass




                  "More awareness of myself, a deep feeling of connectedness and empathy. More confidence in my gift. More connected with clear vision." Beth McCall, Idaho

                  reiki retreatFor a fully immersive experience, we need to find three days consisting of two hours on the first day with the next days being 6 hours each.


                  Bring friends and save 10% each

                  • You will need to contact me to set up the perfect training times for you.
                  • If you choose to do this as a group it is far more immersive if you have the same goals, ie a group of realtors, a group of teachers, or a group of actors.

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                  Let's Talk About Reiki

                  Yep, the small print.


                  $100 processing fee for any cancellation.

                  14 days before the event 50% (1/2) of your total will be refunded if an emergency arises.

                  After that, 25% of your fee will be refunded if an emergency arises.


                  • Goals

                    brought to life

                  • Dreams

                    lived with a smile

                  • Tranquility

                    of body, mind and spirit