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Wholistic Beauty Boutique

Energetic Immersive Masterclass

Energetic Immersive Masterclass

Awaken the Beautiful You

Experience the dynamic force of Reiki


I'm Colleen and I run private and semi-private Reiki training. These are deeply immersive and bring you the gifts of Reiki into your life as YOU want it.

What do I mean by this?

Well, people use Reiki for so many different things so I give you the specific teachings to attain your personal goals.




  • Real estate agents - imagine using Reiki to help sell your homes. What about those homes that have a funk about them and you know no amount of staging will help? Clean that funk out with your Reiki training.
  • Teachers - an energetically clean classroom daily, how amazing!
  • Chefs/Personal Chefs/Lovers of Food preparers - cook from your center, know your food is Reiki infused.
  • Hairdressers/barbers - stop taking on the funk of others, compound upon your creative ways.
  • Writers - ease writer's block, a title for that next book.
  • Want to connect more deeply with nature? An outdoor adventure (not free climbing el Capitan, however) is possible.
  • Movie producers. - think of having a calm set where things flow into being finished with ease.
  • Actors and actresses - think of lines going as planned. Acting from your internal well-being.
  • Learn a new career.
  • Musicians - play with calm, get over stage fright.

 This is a short list of how I have currently trained people in their own immersive Reiki goals. Feel free to contact me to find out what yours is.

  • Calm - when life is hectic.
  • Renew - the self limiting beliefs still lingering in life.
  • Heal - resolve the underlying emotional issues that initiated the physical manifestations of pain. Holy crap, is this a big one, and so important in expansion.
  • Grow - into YOU.

I have so much More information listed on this page if you have more questions. You may also reach out to me directly by phoning 208 841 9062.


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