All About Me

Hi, I'm Colleen

Colleen Fletcher Wholistic Wellness Consultant

After thriving in the healing arts profession since 1995...


I have a long history. Take the time to enjoy, explore in the journey of me, along the way, maybe you will learn about you. I am yOUR™ somatic wellness guide.


My business began in 1994 shortly after my son, Isiah, was born. I often say: "I always wanted to have a happy well-adjusted human; not just a son."

My desire to make that want, a reality, resulted in a pursuit of massage therapy. Feeling that an education in massage would be effective in both: deriving an income that was flexible and working around being a single mom. I began my career as a massage therapist. 


I obtained my massage license and practiced independently in the State of Oregon from 1995-2006. During this evolutionary process, I became trained in Reiki and postural rebalancing. Incorporating these modalities into my practice I saw how integral the physical and the energetic aspects were to the overall health in my clients, and in my life. These ideals are universal in my outlook for your well-being.


As my practice thrived I began to notice that the products I was using for massage where bothering my skin. I began to get rashes from the oils and lotions I had been using and discovered that the toxins in the products where severely affecting me. It was pretty gross. "If a product was causing me skin problems, I wasn’t about to use it on others." And, with that in mind I began to seek out beauty and body products that were all natural and healthful for my self, my business and you.


As my massage and energy work experience grew I began to sense the deeper connection between the body and mind. With the desire to ensure my clients were cared for physically and mentally I began training as a hypnotist. Hypnotherapy really opened the doors for me into the depths of the mind, and the deeper benefits my work was providing. The continuation of this healing option opened the doors to me becoming a metaphysician. Of which, I am now a board member of the school I attended.


2006 brought changes to me and my family. The family moved to Boise to secure a great job opportunity for my husband. After the move, I sensed it was time to change gears for a bit. My husband and I wanted to have one parent at home, so that was me. I spent the next three years caring for my bitchin’, talented, crazy son, and adjusted to life in Boise. But, it soon became clear to me that helping others wasn’t going to be put off for long. I had clients from Oregon still wanting bodywork, and I still wanted to do it!


During this time I felt the need to expand upon my knowledge base, yet again. I undertook the journey of becoming a metaphysician and ordained minister, this expanded upon the hypnotherapy already firmly established in my practice. I am now a board member of the metaphysical school I attended.


In 2014 I obtained my esthetics license, thus allowing me even more positive ways to guide you to a glowing, happy life with radiant skin.


Incorporating these time-honored traditions into my business, I am able to offer head to toe relaxation and healing services all in one location…even better all in one room.

I am

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Reiki Master
  • Usui
  • Holy Fire
  • ​Intuitive Healer - in order of most to lease
  • Clairsentient and highly empathic
  • Claircognizant
  • Clairolfactus and Clairgustance 
  • Clairaudient
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Philosopher of Metaphysics
  • Dean of Student Services (Divine College of Metaphysics)
  • Ordination Director (Divine College of Metaphysics)
  • Licensed Esthetician
  • Meditation Guide
  • Ordained Minister


This is what I bring to you. My heart and desire to see you thrive in life.

A Boundless Odyssey of Benevolent, Healing Hands

This is a piece that I wrote for an Esthetics Magazine. I did not win the contest to be on the cover, but I figured the information was still relevant. Enjoy!


          As I peer into the past, my supple hands glow. 1994, Salem, OR: A newborn baby in my arms opened my eyes to the ever-changing churn of the world. On the night horizon loomed a divorce, but the morning poured light into my new career as a massage therapist. Instinctually, I knew I could help others, so I began to define my guiding-force toward inner and outer beauty for all. I could feel the energy bound in people's bodies and sense when actions would ripple throughout the generations. With this ethos, I set out to cultivate humanities foundation for a mindful and beautiful existence.


          Through the art of massage therapy, I learned to traverse the aches and pains of others — healing them and healing myself. The physical ailments my clients suffered blocked them from their fullest potential, so I mended the gap confining them from their prized lives by listening to their bodies. My healing hands hummed, but I needed them to sing. Training in postural rebalancing gave me the freedom to manually adjust muscles, which allowed my clients to be healthier for life. With the ability to release bound muscles, long held miseries on a deep physical level vanished. This unique perspective into body mechanics broadened my client base — musicians, plumbers, stay at home moms, other massage therapists and bookkeepers were all welcome. My guidance initiated the change for those that washed the world with a song of their own.


While massage has a way of opening doors to alignment and tranquility, I was led toward energetic pains — emotional bottlenecks blocking true, deep recovery. Reiki brings an energetic release into the body, as spasms of the physical self reveal themselves as spasms of the energetic self. So I saw my clients’ pains and used reiki to connect to their severed energetic and physical wellbeing. It became integral to my work the more my hands harmonized physical massage and reiki energetic treatments. I reconciled both aspects of healing my clients to hear the harmony within them all. With my ever-present curiosity to expand my understanding of the healer’s way, this led me to undertake the path of becoming a metaphysician, a hypnotherapist and an ordained minister. Blending symbiotically with the bodywork and the energy work at the heart of my practice, I shined more light into whole health. I became a voice of power and guided holistic wellness by encouraging my clients to find and polish their hallmark characteristics.


But I was missing something. I wanted to continue being a voice of power mentally, physically and spiritually and needed another way to do it. How could I take my guiding one step further and help fully elevate my clients? I had to look to my own past. Since I was a little girl, I accepted the solace that meditation gave me. Now that I was aware of my capabilities as a modern healer with continued business expansion, I tied together meditative healing as the next piece to the triangular approach I had to offer. Now, I could relieve immediate tension, retrain my clients’ postures and help them to retrain their minds. My healing hands transcended physical, mental and spiritual bounds. 


My husband, son and I moved to Boise in the winter of 2006. Our journey to Idaho led me to sabbatical from my healing work, which allowed me to actualize my teachings in my personal life. I had a teenage son to raise and a body I wanted to rejuvenate. However, as my son grew older and wiser, once again I felt compelled to build my business with my healing hands leading the way. I learned an important lesson while I was gone, that my actions will ripple for generations to come. My business wouldn’t be around to see the full-force of my impact, but regardless, I needed to think conscientiously. I ran for Mrs. Idaho under a green living platform, and I continued to help steward my family, my friends, and my world with the concept of the next seven generations. Massage, energetics and mindful connections still drove my business, but now I was ready to embark again with more care toward the future of the world.


So I decided to incorporate holistic beauty products into my healing ways. I sought after beauty and body products that were all natural and healthy for my business, the environment, and, most importantly, my clients. Unquestioning in the stewardship of our shared habitat, I furthered my practice with conscious thought toward the products I offered and used. But once again, knowledge was at the forefront of my mind. So I endeavored to learn more in esthetics. Esthetics has a powerful thread in human history, and in 2014, I set out to weave that thread into my own tapestry. What I wove: The pure outward expression of health and wellness, coupled with my mastery of inward wellbeing. Esthetics filled my gap in education. Working in harmony with body, mind, spirit and skin, the full support I offered allowed my clients’ best beauty to evolve. Esthetics gave me more ways to guide my clients to a glowing, delighted life. I was honored to merge being a licensed esthetician into my practice.


My trail of guiding others through massage therapy, energetics, conscious thought, and esthetics is far from over. My career is driven by mindful actions, because I know how far those actions will ripple in time. Throughout the past 24 years, I realize that I want only to mend the world one person at a time and see their true beauty shine. My holistic healing nurtures my clients, nurtures the world, and nurtures my family. It nurtures myself. With the mind of an Esthetician, I am honored to see the transformation of inner and outer beauty, guiding and caring for those choosing to grow in their dazzling lives. As the odyssey continues, I am elated to have these guiding forces in my journey to esthetics.

My benevolent, healing hands are happy.

And, here is even more about me, like, the funnier stuff.


  • I was born in Honolulu Hawaii, in the ‘60’s.
  • I love to hike.
  • I received restitution from the 6 youths who drove by and shot me while I was on a walk. While it was with paintball guns, I am beyond happy that my vision returned from the tiny lacerations I received and, most of all, that I have both of my eyes. The rest of the wounds healed well too. Those guns still sound like guns when they are shot, a drive-by shooting is a frightening thing.
  • I grew up thinking I was stupid, fat and ugly.
  • I have a fear of outhouses. Port-a-potties are ok, gross, but ok. Outhouses in the dark, freak me out, like really bad!! I can even get a little freaked out by a toilet, in general, when it is dark. I will not use an outhouse in the dark. Nope, not gonna happen.
  • When I lived in Australia there were big frogs living under the lip of our toilet. Every time I cleaned they would jump into the bowl. We even had a snake come into the house via the toilet, it was 5-6 feet long and deadly poisonous. Some of my fears are warranted, so don't judge!! 😊
  • I am afraid of heights - this one I will work on to overcome. Not those freaky outhouses though!
  • I prefer to be in cooler weather but dislike being cold.
  • I have a sister.
  • Hot muggy weather makes me cranky. I will only visit my sister (she lives in Chicago) in spring or fall, possibly winter. Updated - I did visit her in the summer and I did have a great time, especially hanging out in the city pool.
  • We had a brother.
  • 1976 was the bicentenary in the U.S. and 1988 was the bicentenary in Australia. I lived in each of those counties during those times.
  • I believe in caring for the earth in a way that supports the next seven generations.

  • Running for Mrs. Idaho on a green living platform was an eye-opening experience. 
  •  I continue to be deeply saddened that inequality is still present in our world.
  • I believe in humanity. 
  • I love F1 and rally car racing, even though I know car racing is not good for the environment. A secret desire of mine is to be a rally car driver.
  • Caravan racing is awesome! Look it up, they are hilarious.
  • I love riding my motorcycle, it’s a Honda Rebel.
  • I am learning how to rebuild a 1964 Honda CA 95. 
  • I know very little about engines at all.
  • I LOVE to meditate, especially with trees and metal music.
  • While riding my bicycle I have been hit by cars, more than once. I think about 7-8 times as a kid, my bikes and my body always got pretty beat up. The most recent time as an adult (2018), was a hit and run. My left knee got pretty jacked up, and my vintage bike was all bent up :( Yay, that my husband got it all bent back so I can continue to ride it. I am soooo thankful they did not run me over.
My favorite chocolate milk ever!!
  • ​​I love hot chocolate and chocolate milk; I normally make my own.
  • When I went to visit my Danish friends they informed me that my favorite chocolate milk, in the world, was made up the road from where they lived. OMG, was I ever happy.
  • Chocolate ice cream with almonds is the best. Why can we not live on that and be healthy???
  • I struggled with lack of self confidence.
  • I was a single mom.
  • I fell out of a tree when I was 10 years old. I broke my arm, an ear drum, received a concussion, and split my chin open. Maybe this is where my neck pains started?
  • I have one son. He is amazingly talented. 
  • I am more of a dog person, but cats are fine with me.
  • I love to travel.
  • I love distant remote islands. Rapa Nui is still my favorite. That's me in front of those massive stone carvings.
  • I love to learn about the traditional healing modalities of places I visit.
  • I love to read.
  • Brainless chick lit is alright with me.
  • I am continually learning to care for myself.
  • I believe that if I don't care for myself, how can I help others?
  • I believe in caring for the earth, our families and our communities with the concept of, The Next Seven Generations.
  • I love Star Trek... best captain is Jean Luc Picard, best 1st in command is Spock, best doctor is Bashir, best love affair is Tom and B'elanna
  • I have seen the old Dr. Who, like from the '60's. Tom Baker and John Pertwee are my favs.
  • I love metal music and punk rock.
  • ​My favorite author is Robert Heinlein, then Ray Bradbury.
  • A good Brut Champagne is the best.
  • I love to camp.
  • I lived in Australia for 4.5 years.
  • I have the sense of humour of a 12 year old boy!


Thanks for being on this crazy ride of life with me!!

Interested in seeing if we are a good fit together?

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