Books I Have Read


Books I Have Read

Some I have loved, and some not so much!

Updated: June 21, 2023

Embarking on a literary adventure is like setting sail on a voyage of discovery, it's like a hike into the unknown, where each book becomes a portal to a new realm of imagination and knowledge (what more can one ask for??).

As an avid reader, I have traversed vast literary landscapes, delving into the depths of gripping fiction, unraveling the mysteries of non-fiction, and losing myself to the timeless classics that have shaped our literary heritage. Keep in mind, I read books that are written in English.

Join me as I share my personal journey through the books I have read (not in any sort of order), exploring the stories that have touched my soul, the ideas that have sparked my curiosity, and the characters who have become my steadfast companions. So, grab a cozy seat, a steaming cup of tea, and let's embark on this literary odyssey together.

  •  Emily Perkins – Leave before you go    
  • Sujata Massey – Rei Shimura Series----these are great
  • Robert Rodi – Bitch Goddess
  • Rosamund Pilcher – Any of her books are great for Scottish Highland romance.  Can’t get better than this!!
  • Linda Jaivin – Eat Me, Rock n Roll Babes from Outer Space------  Aussie author about sex and life being human and from another planet.  I must read these again…… 
  • Bret Easton Ellis – American Psycho
  • Margaret Atwood – The Blind Assassin
  • Lalita Tademy – Cane River----A powerful read of black American history
  • Francesca Lia Block – I was a Teenage Fairy
  • John Edward – One Last Time
  • Catherine Millet – The Sexual Life of Catherine M-----I think this lost much in the translation and it is really about lots of sex (I think I should add this warning!)
  • Laurie R King – The Beekeepers apprentice and the rest of the series ---- about Sherlock Holmes---Great books!!!!
  • Howard Frank Mosher – A stranger in the Kingdom
  • Cecil Woodham Smith – the Great Hunger-----About the Irish Famine, there was one chapter I could not read, but full of info and a powerful read.
  • Thomas Cahill - How the Irish Saved Civilization---fun informative read
  • Adriana Trigiani – Big Cherry Holler
  • Wally Lamb – She’s come undone ----I did not like this for some reason
  • Gregory Maquire – Wicked, Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West
  • Sue Monk Kidd – The Secret Life of Bee’s
  • Lauren Weisberger – The Devil Wars Prada
  • Scott  Webster – Duande, The Heart of Flamenco---oh the passion of this word shines bright. A favorite for sure!
  • Victor Villasenor – Rain of Gold -----Awesome book!!! A must read as are his other books
  • Dai Sijie – Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress
  • Shaun Herron – The Whore Mother ------ More Irish info and a tough read
  • Alice Hoffman – The Probable Future
  • Kary Mullis – Dancing Naked in the Mind Field
  • Jane Kirkpatrick – A Gathering of Finches
  • Anita Diamant – the Red Tent
  • Eric Schlosser – Fast Food Nation
  • Arthur Golden – Memoirs of a Geisha
  • Kristen Buckley – The Parker Gray Show
  • Diana Gabaldon – the Highlander Series -----lots of steamy romance and highlander loving. Now it's a TV series
  • Tim Winton – Dirt Music, and Breath ----Great Aussie author. I think Dirt Music was turned into a movie?
  • Lemony Snicket – A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • Eloise McGraw – The Moorchild
  • Requiem For a Woman's Soul - Omar Rivabella. Disturbing and powerful
  • Morag Prunty – Wild Cats and Colleens AKA in Ireland as Dancing in Mules
  • Jill Ker Conway – True North
  • Carrie Karasyov and Jill Kargman – The Right Address
  • Maria Ampara Escandon– Esperanzas Box of Saints
  • Leon Uris – Redemption
  • Eoin Colfer – The Supernaturalist
  • Christopher Paolini – Eragon and Eldest, the 3rd is coming out in September
  • Michael Newton – Journey of Souls
  • Robin Pilcher (Rosumunds son)  A risk Worth Taking
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez – One Hundred Years of Solitude
  •  Tracy Chevalier – Girl with a Pearl earring
  • Dan Brown – The Da Vinci Code ----not my fav
  •  Yann Martel – Life of Pi
  • Patricia Reilly Giff – Pictures of Hollis Woods
  • A Collection of authors book is named “Irish Girls About Town” Marian Keyes, Colette Caddle, Tina Reilly, Maeve Binchy, Gemma O’Conner, Morag Prunty, Mary Ryan, Cathy Kelly, Sarah Webb,  Joan O’Neill, Julie Parsons, Annie Sparrow, Martina Devlin, Catherine Dunne, Catherine Barry, Marisa Mackle
  • Maeve Binchy – Scarlet Feather, Quentins----these are epic heartwarming stories, and good for a cry.
  • Sophia Kinsella – Confessions of a Shopaholic and Remember Me?
  • Laurell K Hamilton – Vampyre and Fairies at its best!!!
  • Mary Janice Davidson – the Undead Series. Funny and quirky
  • Sharon Creech – Walk Two Moons
  • Bram Stoker – Dracula-----I love this book
  • Mary Shelley – Mathilda(my favorite), Recollection of Italy, Frankenstein
  • Chuck Palahniuk – Choke
  • Harper Lee – To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby
  • Virginia Woolf – Mrs. Dalloway
  • Marilynne Robinson – Gilead
  • David Damrosch – the Buried book-The Loss and Rediscovery of the Great Epic of Gilgamesh
  • Candace Bushnell – Trading Up, Lipstick Jungle
  • Jennifer Weiner – Good in Bed----better than what you would think
  • Michelle Bardsley – Don’t talk back to your Vampyre
  • Lori Foster – Jamie, when Bruce met Cyn, there are more of these too
  • Jan Westcott- the Hepburn. This is an older book (like vintage) that I found at a library book sale.
  • Amanda Ford – Life Lessons Learned While Shopping
  • Kevin Toolis – Rebel Hearts-Journeys within the IRA’s Soul
  • Leon Uris – The Angry Hills
  • Marie Phillips – Gods Behaving Badly-----awesome book
  • Jon Krakauer – Under the Banner of Heaven
  • Sam Baker – Fashion Victim
  • LaVyrle Spencer – these are all great for a romantic read.
  • Lisa Klypas – Blue-Eyed Devil
  • Khaled Hosseini – A Thousand Splendid Suns
  • Sara Gruen – Water for Elephants
  • Nam Le – The Boat
  • Brandon R. Schrand – The Enders Hotel-A memoir and about Idaho
  • Geraldine Brooks – People of the Book -------I loved this

 I LOVE, LOVE Robert Heinlein and Ray Bradbury

Robert Heinlein and Ray Bradbury are two literary giants whose works have long captured my heart and ignited my passion for science fiction, maybe even being the reason I am such a nerd today. I started reading them when I was about 12ish. Their imaginative storytelling, vivid worlds, and thought-provoking ideas have left an indelible mark on me as a reader and even made me think of how to lead my life (think TANSTAAFL).

Among Heinlein's captivating novels, "The Star Beast" stands out, with its endearing alien creature and a young protagonist navigating the complexities of interstellar diplomacy. "Orphans of the Sky" is another Heinlein gem, taking readers on a mind-bending journey aboard a generation ship, where a unique society has evolved amidst a forgotten mission.

With the literary brilliance of Heinlein, I unveil my two all-time favorites: "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" and the awe-inspiring "Stranger in a Strange Land." "Stranger" holds such an immense grip on my spirit that I proudly possess multiple copies, a testament to their forbidden allure and the undeniable impact they've had on the literary world.

With its revolutionary ideas and gripping plot, "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" captivates me with its tale of a lunar colony's rebellion, challenging societal norms and kindling the flames of freedom. And then, there's "Stranger in a Strange Land," a magnum opus so profound that it faced the shadow of censorship for years. Delve into this mind-bending exploration of a Martian's integration into a bewildering Earth's humanity, provoking introspection and unveiling the complexities of human nature. The parts of this censored book are intense for our human brains to comprehend, I know. Look at it with the true aspect of love and respect, and GROK it all.

Turning to Ray Bradbury's unparalleled mastery, "The Martian Chronicles" beckons with its hauntingly beautiful portrayal of humanity's colonization of Mars. Among its poignant stories, "August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains" resonates deeply and has left a visual image so profound it is permanently imprinted on my brain. Bradbury paints a vivid and melancholic picture of an automated house left standing long after humanity's demise, evoking a profound sense of loss and the enduring power of nature (which I adore).

Both Heinlein and Bradbury have captivated me with their ability to blend science fiction with timeless themes, exploring the human condition, morality, and the consequences of our actions. Their words have transported me to extraordinary worlds, expanded my imagination, and sparked contemplation about the future of our species. With each turn of the page, I am reminded of the boundless possibilities that lie within the realm of science fiction, and my admiration for these literary titans only grows stronger. 

A personal goal of mine is to own everything written by Robert Heinlein.

Now back to my list of great reads

  • The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon - Tom Spanbauer. Thanks to my son for this powerful read.
The next 4 books are so much better than what you might initially think given the titles.
  • Lords of Chaos - Michael Moynihan & Didrik Soderlind. 
  • Black Metal, Evolution of the Cult - Dayal Patterson
  • Choosing Death, the Improbable History of Death Metal and Grindcore - Albert Mudrian
  • Sound of the Beast, The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal - Ian Christe
  • The Death of Bunny Munro - Nick Cave. A fun, quirky, sad (ish) read. Come on it’s Nick fuckin Cave, so it’s a must read. As a side note this is my fave album(did I just date myself by calling it an album??) of his. 
  • Lost in the Barrens - Farley Mowat.  Thanks to my dad for this gem.
  • Jack London - the Call of the Wild
  • Attic and Geek Love - Katherine Dunn
  • The Man Who Lives in Paradise - A.C. Gilbert. Did you play with Erector sets? What about American Flyers? This is a book all about the inventor of those wonderful toys. I grew up around Salem, OR and years later, often took my son to the Gilbert House.
  • When the Drummers Were Women, A spiritual history of Rhythm - Layne Redmond
  • The Gray Wolf Annual Two, Stories by Women - Susan Minot, Laurie Colwin, Mavis Gallant
  • More Aboriginal Stories of Australia - A. W. Reed
  • Fearless Girls, Wise Women and Beloved Sisters, Heroines in Folktales from Around the World - Kathleen Ragan
  • Coyote Was Going There, Indian Literature of the Oregon Country - Jarold Ramsey
  • Even This I Get to Experience - Norman Lear

Three books that are shocking, painful, and sad: the history of different nations. I consider these a must read!


Books I love for my career

  • The Complete Book of Water Healing and Herbal Medicine - Dian Dincin Buchman
  • The Hidden Messages in Water - Masaru Emoto
  • Your Body's Many Cries for Water - F. Batmanghelidj
  • Jesus Buddha Krishna Lao Tzu - The Parallel Sayings - Richard Hooper
  • Heal Your Body - Louise Hay
  • The Art of War - Sun Tzu
  • Healing Oils of the Bible - David Stewart
  • The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn
  • The Sermon on the Mount, The Keys to Success in Life - Emmet Fox
  • The Soul's Code, In Search of Character and Calling - James Hillman. I love this book 
  • Herbal Healing for Women -Rosemary Gladstar
  • Chi Nei Tsang - Mantak Chi
  • QED - Richard Feynman
  • Books about the I Ching - there are many different options.
  • Feng Shui Beauty - Billy Yamaguchi
  • Atlas of Human Anatomy - Frank Netter
  • Esoteric Anatomy, The Body as Consciousness - Bruce Burger
  • The Psoas Book - Liz Koch
  • Peels and Peeling Agents - Pamela Hill
  • Treating Diverse pigmentation - Aliesh Pierce. This is a brilliant book on the diversity of skin.
  • Nature Speak and Animal Speak - Ted Andrews
  • Magic of the Celtic Otherworld and Celtic Tree Mysteries - Steve Blamires
  • Unified, A Course on Truth and Practical Guidance from Babaji - Roger G. Lanphear

Now, a few years ago I found the guilty pleasure of reading romance novels on my phone.

Some captured me for a short time and I read the series, while others I read the first in a series and stopped there. I love reading them for many different reasons, including

  1. Escapism and Entertainment: An escape from everyday life into a world of passion, love, and adventure. 

  2. Emotional Satisfaction: Emotions through relatable (ish) characters as love conquers all

  3. Exploration of Relationships: Bringing forth the intricacies of relationships, the complexities of human connections, and the dynamics between individuals. 

  4. Hope and Optimism: It is still out there.

  5. Empowerment and Representation: Celebrate various backgrounds, cultures, and identities, empowering readers to see themselves reflected in the stories and finding validation and acceptance. 

  6. Exploration of Issues in Humanity: Romance novels can tackle important themes and social issues such as feminism, consent, body positivity, and mental health. Powerful stuff right here!

With these reasons to love romance novels, I read them and continue to explore human nature and my own self-empowerment. I believe that men and women will gain a great deal from reading romance novels and even to each other.

In starting the dialogue of reading romance novels with friends of mine, they all say that the most intelligent, high achieving women they know read romance novels. I was surprised to hear this and am honoured.

I have read many of them but two writers stand out and those are the ones I will mention here for you to enjoy. 

Sierra Simone

Kelli Jean. Now, I have to say something more about this writer and all of her books. I have never been so affected by a romance novel writer. Maybe it’s her name? When I see someone with the same name as my brother it does give me a moment's pause. Maybe it is the NOLA series about musicians (my brother wrote music and to this day my metalhead son uses my brother's synth to write some of his music)? For those of you that don't know: my brother made poor choices in life and is no longer living.

Maybe it is her writing about environmentalism, maybe it is the series about the atrocities of the modern day slave trade? Maybe it is even that one of the main characters is in the wholistic wellness field and even works on musicians with injured rotator cuff damage?

All I know is this, I will re read the NOLA series for sure! That puts a romance novel writer in the same category as Robert Heinlein and Ray Bradbury for me.


This ends my book reading list for the time being!

Continue to enjoy the vast realm of literature, the love of reading books is a timeless affair that knows no bounds, as you can see with the various genres I enjoy! It is an enchanting, thought-provoking, sad, and funny journey that opens doors to infinite possibilities, captivating minds, touching hearts, and expanding your understanding of the world. Through books, we become voyagers of imagination and we can empathize with diverse characters, embrace new perspectives, and forge connections across time and space.  So turn the pages with anticipation, lose yourself in the beauty of words, and embark on countless literary adventures, for the love of reading is an eternal flame that illuminates our body, mind, and spirit.


I will continue to update this blog with future expansions of the mind.

Thanks for being on this wickedly, fun journey with me.

Much love,


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