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Stop the Sex Trade - Stop Slavery


Updated January 2020, August 2022




Slavery in any form is wrong. I'm just especially passionate about stopping sex traffickers using the massage industry as a front for such heinous activities.

What to do to help and make a long standing change? 

  • Pay attention to your surroundings? If you see any of these warning signs speak up to trained officials.
  • Unless their employer or guardian is with them, they are briefly allowed out of the house, 
  • They have few personal belongings. The same clothes are worn regardless of weather conditions.
  • The house or location in which they live has seemingly out of place high security precautions. (e.g. darkened windows, boarded up windows, bars on windows, barbed wire, security cameras, etc.)
  • Seems to work strange hours - excessively long or odd 
  • Young people that are at home during the day, often during school hours. Many times they will be looking forlornly out of windows.
  • Know that slavery does exist - get, and keep your head out of the sand.





This page is an informational site for all people that are stopping this. If you know of any resources, people, organizations that are a part of stopping human trafficking then, please send me an email with the info and I will add it to the list! My email is


Tips on how to help stop this from happening in the massage industry?  

  • Know where you are going for a massage.  
  • Ensure that they have licenses and establishment licenses (if applicable).  
  • Talk with them first, get referrals, if you don't feel right at the establishment, leave.
  • You are offered sex. Then call trusted officials.

Help, support, share and donate when you can.







Resources Cambodian sex trade survivor Somaly Mam Actress Jada Pinkett Smith Tennessee Government Task Force Tennessee Human Trafficking Hotline National (US) Human Hotline One of Australia's largest anti sex trafficking organizations Rescuing Children - Australia​ Awareness and education about the evils of human trafficking, Eagle Idaho Idaho Human Trafficking Hotline​ Actor and Actress Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Co Founders Turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide

Department of Defense

Myths and Facts about slavery

Trucking and Human Trafficking truck stops remain a frequent location of trafficking crimes

Respect Massage Empower Massage Therapists, Educate Clients, Deter Solicitors

 This is a new law going into effect in California. 

I went on a trip to the Highlands of Scotland. In many of the roadside/train stop public restrooms there were stickers on the inside of the stalls.

Here is a list of those numbers if you require help in Scotland.

CASWA (Caithness and Sutherland Women's Aid or phone 0345 408 0151

RASASH(Rape and Sexual Abuse Service Highland) call 03330 066 909, text - 07451 288080,


Stop Human Trafficking




Change and growth needs to come with compassion and equality. Together through equality and inclusion we can and will stop selling people.


Sex trafficking is wrong, human trafficking in any form is wrong.

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