What the heck is this about?

A rant and a rap about music (metal music, specifically), and meditation; 

blending the journey of your well being with the vibrations of sound. 

Hosted and curated by Colleen Fletcher, together we will explore mindful meditations, self compassion, breathing techniques, stress reduction, and peace of mind 

to the backdrop of metal music in its many forms.

This is where your bad ass life becomes peaceful, centered and empowered.

Clarity : Communication : Wellbeing : Security : Confidence : Love : Honesty : Self Care : Nurture

Hi, I am Colleen Fletcher, curator, designer and main goof ball of this mega experience. 99.9% of the time I run this wonderful show, if I am not orchestrating the show, then it will be my son. He happens to be a metal musician and has a wide knowledge base of meditation himself.

Whatever happiness, and wellbeing is for you, my work frees your body, mind and spirit to allow a thriving sense of presence to radiate daily in your life.

I had the opportunity to be on the local radio station talking about the origins of metal-tation®.

Enjoy the blog below to find out just a little more.

Benefits of metal-tations®  

Lowered blood pressure. 

Lowered heart rate. 

Improved mental focus. 

Hear some amazing music. 

Deeply connect with yourself.   

What do we do during a metal-tation®?   

I bring to the table my 49 + years of personal meditation experience. Trust in knowing that your radical experience comes to you from an experienced mindfulness meditation practitioner. Metal music is woven together into an hour-long explosion of sound and calm. Traditional mindful, self-compassion, and Taoist meditations are played in an ensemble of stress reduction, and total mind, and body wellbeing.

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