9 Tips to Reduce the Pain in Your Neck

Check these ideas out to help your neck pain the next time you get stressed and sore.

Here are some tips you may not have thought of to help alleviate that pain in the neck, (no not that one😉 - the one your head is attached to).


1) Breathe into your belly

Take long deep breaths that fully expand into your belly and low back. Do this until you feel your muscles becoming more oxygenated. The muscles in your might feel tingly or slightly heavy. Tingly is good, but not so much that you pass out (this would not be very stress reducing) the heaviness is perfect! (It's kinda like that tummy tickle tingly feeling) This is one of the best ways to reduce stress and alleviate neck pain. I talk about this in depth during my meditation classes. Check out my Metal-tations or You, Me and the Trees

Here is a quick video to guide you into breathing into your low back.


2) Close your eyes for a moment or two

See your shoulders as being relaxed. Unwrap them from around your ears and release your stress.

At work and not able to close your eyes at your desk? Sneak off to the restroom and close your eyes for a moment or two. Closing your eyes helps to shift your perspective and (if you are good at visualization) visualize pressure and tension leaving your body. Send that crap down the crapper! 


3) Roll your shoulders forward and backward

Lift them up, and allow them to drop. While you are dropping your shoulders, release your jaw too. Let your jaw hang softly while you are dropping your shoulders. Allowing your shoulders to drop can be rough at first but I have confidence that you will retrain your body to do so with ease.

Here's how...

Lift your shoulders to your ears. Hold in that position for a moment then let (this is key) them drop. They might bounce just a little bit, repeat this process 4-5 more times. Release your jaw too!


4) Posture matters when it comes to shoulder aches and pains

Keep your spine upright with your head centered on the top of your spine. No leaning forward.


5) Monthly, or weekly healing sessions

are a wonderful way to reduce stress and ease your shoulder pain. Visit your regular massage therapist, chiropractor or healer. Go on, set up that appointment. Don’t have anyone you regularly see? I do distance healing sessions. I am also happy to help you find someone in your area.


6) Drink enough water

My suggestion for the best amount of water to drink on a daily basis, especially to help your neck pain ... Take your body weight, divide that in half, take that amount and put into ounces. Drink that amount, daily.

You might try adding trace minerals to your water also.

Our bodies need water to work properly ... help ease your neck pain.


7) Stretch

Daily, allow your head to gently move from side to side and front to back. Light gentle stretches help to relax the muscles in your neck.


8) Sitting at a desk too long?

The forward posture of your head has cut off some vital nutrients to your spinal cord, brain, vertebrae, muscles and nerves.

Take a minute or two to reverse this process. (I know your boss will appreciate your added productivity by taking care of yourself.) Gently, and slowly bend your neck and head back in the opposite direction. Allow it become soft in this position. 30 - 60 seconds of doing this stretch will help with that neck pain.


9) Essential Oils

to help with neck pain. The link is to the BEST pain reliever ever. No joke, I have used it for years on my clients, and myself. Even people that are sold on CBD oil, agree that this is far more beneficial.


Blend ↓





1-2 drops of these mixed with 1 oz of jojoba or coconut oil applied to your sore neck 2-3 times per day, and Bob's your Uncle, your neck pain is gone!

Here is a great product that is the best pain reliever I have personally and professionally used.


Affirmations to help –I just can't help but to give you more!

Because, you know me, (and if you don’t, you will soon enough) it’s all about Body, Mind, and Spirit. So, if your body is jacked up, there is something to look at within your mind too. Simple as they are, affirmations can help. Keep all of you on that W.H.O.L.E. path of the best damn version of you, use these affirmations!


“I speak my personal truth.”

“I awaken daily to my neck being aligned and supported.”

“Releasing tensions in my neck are easily done with a simple thought of comfort.”

“Pain free is the way for me.”


Here's to your fabulous day :)




If you would like a bit more guidance with dropping your shoulders, get in touch with me. I'm happy to see you in my boutique or set up a call. I’m on discord too.

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