Energetic Cooties

Energetic Cooties 

Have you ever been around those people that just rub you the wrong way? Give you a bad vibe? We all have! Could be at the grocery store, the mall around the holidays (yuck!), one-on-one interaction at work or at a doctors office. There are energetic cooties going around everywhere, as we speak. To keep yourself whole, healthy, and free from picking up others energetic garbage - you really have to work at it!

Imagine being in line at a grocery store, while checking out, the clerk is obviously grumpy, short and curt. Then you leave the store taking on a bit of their grumpy attitude (thinking “well that was rude, what is wrong with people nowadays?”). Then you go home and tell your spouse/kid/cat/wall how rude people are. You just had an energetic exchange - you picked up a bit of their negative energy and let it affect you. In just a small way, you picked up their energetic cooties.

There are ways to prevent this, but you have to intentionally practice them. For example, imagine yourself in a bubble of cobalt blue. Walking around the grocery store, this bubble now protects you and your personal space from the attitude or energy of others creeping in. You check out, and despite the rudeness of the clerk, you don’t think about it, you just move forward, grab your groceries and continue with your day. 

Now that’s just a small example, but these things happen to us all the time.  

There are also those people that unintentionally leech onto your energy…I like to call them:

Energetic Vampires 

You know those people you just feel WORSE after being around. That’s what that is. Often unintentionally, because of their own personal issues, taking energy from others makes them feel better. They are energetically thirsty (hence the vampire!), and when in the presence of other energy (like yours) they take it for their own.  

Signs you have been around an energetic vampire … 

  • You are extremely tired after a conversation or encounter
  • You have an upset stomach without a cause

A good portion of the time, this is unintentional. Oftentimes they don’t consciously think, “today I am going to rob this person (you) of all of their energy to make myself feel better.” I figure the ‘why’ is their issue.     

How to empower yourself is what I want to help you with.  

Unfortunately, repeated exposure to this, or vampiring from family, coworkers and even an energy practitioner DOES happen. And this is when it becomes an emotional violation.  


I've Been Emotionally Violated

I also call this mind raping … and it is as ugly as it sounds.

First off, let me tell you this, I AM SO SORRY.


My own experiences

My experience with emotional violations started when I was very young. I had no idea how to take care of myself emotionally so I (unknowingly) continually manifested ill health. It was a compounding effect that I had no idea was even happening.

For me, it was allergies, asthma, upset stomach, and continual colds.

At about the age of 20 I started to hear that emotional violation was even a thing. (If you don't know something exists then how can you ask for help, right???) I knew I did not feel well, I was starting to realize that my thought processes made a difference in my overall health, so I kept plugging along in life. As time went on, I knew my feelings were valid, I began to trust my own intuition even more, and I started seeing the effects this had on others. Most of all, I wanted to help others so they were not emotionally violated in the first place. And if they were, I wanted to help clear up the effects of it in their life so they could begin to thrive again. As I healed myself, I healed others.


Being emotionally violated means… you have gone to see a coach, healer, therapist, certified hypnotist, massage therapist, your doctor, any type of professional that you felt you could trust to move you beyond where you are now. When you were finished with your appointment you knew something was wrong. You felt worse, and not just because you are clearing your own shit away, like they did something to you. 


This can also come from a parent, family member or co-worker. You know those people in life where you feel worse after you have been around them. Those are the ones I am referring to.


I explain it this way.

You know what it is like to be walking on the sidewalk of a neighbourhood of houses. You can tell a great deal by looking at the front of the house. Now, to look inside you need permission, but it is still a bit weird to go inside and immediately look in their refrigerator or their bathroom cupboards.

With a therapist, you have had the permission to ‘come inside’ but you have not given them permission to go into your cupboards and be all weird, snooping about. 

Have you ever gone to a friends house and left a random bottle of pickles/beer/whatever in their refrigerator as a joke. NO therapist has that permission with your body, mind or spirit.

This is an unfortunate experience that can occur after one receives energy healing/Reiki or hypnotherapy.   

  • I’ve had it happen to me.                                                  
  • I have had friends ask how I can help after it has happened to them.                                    
  • And...I have helped clients to improve their well being after these negative experiences have occurred to them, and negatively affected their lives.


So you've just had a distressing experience with an energy practitioner, Reiki practitioner or hypnotherapist?? (from here on out I will refer to this as 'therapist') 


It starts like this …

You have heard that energy healing/Reiki or hypnotherapy can do wonders for your whole being. Things like healing damaged cells, fixing daily damage caused by stress and negative surroundings, depression, feelings of fatigue or anxiety, and sickness. And, being that it is very effective in purifying and releasing old traumas and emotions you think, “Hey, this sounds like something safe and nurturing for me to do.”

You look online, or maybe even in a phone book (gasp) and find someone listed as a therapist that sounds good to you (You don't really know what you're looking for anyway, right?). You book your appointment and wait for your scheduled day to arrive. Here are some great ways to help you find a person that works for you.

It's time for your appointment - I certainly hope that you have been asked to fill out some sort of health history, and been guided as to how to prepare for your appointment.

All goes well, until you notice an uneasy feeling in your belly, or maybe a headache starts during your session. You don’t know if it is appropriate to mention these feelings now (most people don’t) so you just carry on.  And, YES, it is appropriate to mention these feelings as they come up.


Maybe you feel OK after your appointment and your feelings of unease come on later?? It does vary for each person, and often it is a cumulative feeling.

As everyone is different in how they experience energy work or hypnotherapy, both good and bad, you might have your own unique feelings.  

Honour those, and trust in yourself. Any morally, respectable practitioner would want to know what you are experiencing (during the session or later on).


Signs you have been emotionally violated … 

  • Feelings of being extremely tired after a session.
  • You have an upset stomach.
  • You are continually tired long after your session.
  • You have, or get a headache or migraine, especially if you are not prone to them.
  • Becoming filled with fear.
  • You feel an unexplained dark presence around you. (This is one I have often from clients.)
  • Your mind is unfocused which does not clear up within 24-48 hours.
  • You finished your appointment knowing that ‘something is wrong.’
  • Rest is not helping.
  • Feeling as though someone is watching you.
  • Feeling as though someone is looking through your eyes at your life. (YES, this is a thing and I have helped clients to clear this out of their lives.)
  • A feeling of being violated emotionally is within you.
  • Severely question exactly what happened.
  • You have negative feelings after your session.
  • Becoming depressed about the session.
  • You get a feeling that you were taken advantage of.
  • You begin to sense that you allowed this to happen.
  • You did not listen to intuition, whatever the reason was.
  • The reason you went in in the first place is worse.
  • You felt as though you are/were a victim.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Now, some of these symptoms do happen after a session due to your body purging itself from long held toxins - mental, spiritual and physical. These normal symptoms last for about 24-48 hours. A prime example of this is having diarrhea for a couple of days. You feel fine, your head is clear with feelings of vitality for yourself. You just have a bit of an extra cleanse happening with your body. Normal!

You can also feel changes within yourself for a few months after the session … like positive ones. This is your body, mind and spirit merging all of the new positive experiences into your total well being.


Positive effects of energy healing ... 


  • You find it easier to work.
  • Stress has reduced in your life.
  • Physical pains in your life have reduced.
  • You smile more.
  • Past emotional blockages have lifted.
  • Feelings of confidence radiate in life.
  • You have more energy.
  • You have more vitality in life.                                                                       
  • You are happy.
  • Your skin looks more radiant 
  • You trust in your decisions.
  • Your sleep is more relaxed.
  • You feel your personal boundaries are strengthening.
  • You no longer feel like you are a victim.


What to do after you notice this has happened?

  • First, I don’t recommend another appointment with the same person. I know this sounds like “duh,” but you would be surprised.
  • Drink extra water. It helps in so many different ways.
  • KNOW that you did nothing to deserve this.
  • Take a walk, a stroll or a run. The point is, move your body to help clear your brain.
  • Get out into nature. A park, a forest, even your own backyard. Sit for 5 minutes and reconnect. Maybe shed a few tears, but get up, dust off your backside and step into your new reality.
  •  Meditate to reconnect with your inner peace.
  • Cleanse your energetics of your space also known as smudging 
  • Take a bath or shower. Sea salt is an amazing cleanser of such events. When you are finished with your bath or shower take a cold shower. This can be a super quick cold rinse, but it is super helpful.
  • This is the best personal space cleanser that I have used - ever! It is called Sacred Space. (This is what I use in between clients. Many parents use this on their kids when they come home from school.)
  • Often times a negative experience in life can be turned around into something more positive for you. Use this negative to learn, grow, and thrive further. 

I have confidence in the amazing person that you are!!


Thank you, and TTFN


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