Mangoes: health and skincare

The Sunny, Happy World of Mangoes!


There are soooo many wonderful things about mangoes.  One of the things I remember most about living in Australia are the mangoes.  They were so amazingly sweet!!

beyond my fond memories of this sweet, juicy fruit there are other benefits for you over all health, and the health of your skin  

  • Mangoes are filled with water-soluble vitamins like B2, B3, B6 and folic acid and
  • Mangoes are a great source of beta-carotene and vitamin A.  

 Vitamin B complex is a powerful way to delay your skin's aging processes. By providing you with a healthy, happy glow while increasing your skin tone, and hydrating your cells with vital moisture.

 Vitamin C is a stellar anti oxidant, reducing free radical damage while strengthening collagen and elastin production in your skin.

 Protecting your DNA is vital to having healthy, vibrant skin.  Beta-carotene (this is what gives the mango the sunny, orange color) is filled with vitamin A so you get DNA protection while repairing your skin's tissue.  Beta-carotene can also help with acne breakouts.

 This super fruit is vital to overall health by being filled with magnesium, phosphorus, silica, sulfur, vitamin E and enzymes.  All of these play a roll in bone, muscle, healthy digestion and connective tissue health.


Bring some happy sunshine into your life and eat a mango!

Better yet, give yourself a Mango Mask while eating a mango.

What you will need:

 Next step

  • Mash all ingredients together in a bowl
  • Apply to your face and neck with a fan brush
  • Leave on for 15-20 minutes
  • Remove with a warm damp cloth
  • Do this once a week and notice your clear, hydrated skin.


Yum, this sounds wonderful!


Have a bright, beautiful day and share your love of mangoes and how this mask works for you with me.




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