EASE for body and mind

EASE for body and mind

Explore the profound concept of ease, both in body and mind. Through this transformative guided meditation, you can reclaim your innate ability to live with a profound sense of ease, both in body and mind, enriching your life and fostering a greater connection to yourself, your family, your community, and the trees.

Enjoy the outline used in the guided meditation

  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath, allowing your awareness to settle within. 
  • As you connect with the gentle rhythm of your breath, feel the tension melting away from your body, releasing any tightness or discomfort. 
  • With each exhale, imagine the weight of the world lifting off your shoulders, leaving you feeling lighter and more at ease. 
  • Let this sense of ease permeate every cell of your being, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. 
  • Visualize a soft, warm light enveloping you, filling you with a deep sense of tranquility and relaxation. 
  • As you surrender to the present moment, let go of any worries or concerns, allowing your body, mind, and spirit to find harmony and balance. 
  • .As you continue to deepen your meditation, bring your attention to a deeper connection within, observing the thoughts that arise without judgment or attachment. 
  • Like clouds passing through the vast sky, let your thoughts come and go, allowing them to dissolve into the calm spaces of your awareness. 
  • Embrace a sense of inner stillness and clarity, untangling the complexities of the mind. In this stillness, you discover the power to cultivate positive intentions and nurture a compassionate attitude towards yourself and others. 
  • Feel the warmth of love and acceptance radiating from your heart, enveloping your entire being. 
  • As you immerse yourself in this love, know that you are enough, just as you are. 
  • Trust in the wisdom of your spirit and the trees, and allow them to guide you towards a life of grace and ease. 
  • With each breath, affirm your commitment to finding harmony in body, and mind, knowing that this journey is an ever-unfolding process of self-discovery and self-compassion
  • In this state of profound ease, you discover a sanctuary within yourself, a sanctuary where you can always return to find solace and calm

 Affirmations used in this meditation to enjoy

  • "I embrace ease and flow, allowing life's challenges to effortlessly transform into opportunities for growth and abundance."
  • "With every breath, I release tension and invite ease into every cell of my being, creating a harmonious balance within."
  • "I trust in the gentle rhythm of life, knowing that everything unfolds with ease and grace, guiding me towards my highest good."


Thank you so much for joining me, and the trees. Your love and support are honoured and continue to bring such joy into my world.


Stay filled with comfort and ease, radiate joy and grace.


Much love,



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