The Wholeness of Holistic Living

The Wholeness of Holistic Living

The wholeness of holistic living


Why do I spell Wholistic with a 'W'?

Holistic to me, has the word 'hole' in it. I prefer to see your health and wellbeing as whole; because of this, I spell the word as 'whole', so wholistic.

What is holistic to me?

Chemical - what you put on and in your body. Nutritious, clean foods and household, skincare, body care products.

Physical - how you exercise and care for your body.

Metaphysical - caring for your mind and spirit. The concept of, what your brain thinks your body will follow.

Body, caring for your body. Similar to the physical aspect of living mentioned above.

Mind - caring for your mind.

Spirit  - this meditation. Go do the previous meditations too. 

Living with these concepts where they are all heard and in a continuous flow of centeredness.

 Enjoy your meditation

Affirmations within this meditation to use when


“I lovingly move through life in wholistic wellness.”

“Time spent with trees uplifts my heart and soul.”

Thanks for loving trees, thanks for being here with me. 

Look within and see where you can expand upon your wholistic life, one step is all it takes to change yOUR™ world.


Much love,



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