Colleen Fletcher

Years ago ...

when I first started as a massage therapist in Oregon I began having rashes on my hands due to the chemicals in the products. This started my journey into organic and natural products to help my skin and benefit you. Journey with me into handmade and bespoke products to nourish, delight and mend.

  • Apothecary

    Candles, tea, Gaia bags, essential oils, incense, jewelry, flower essences.

    Sojourn with me 
  • Body Care

    Cleansers, moisturizers, polishes and even deodorant.

    Walk with me 
  • Makeup

    Gentle, effective and as beautiful as you are.

    Thrive with me 
  • Skincare

    Oh yes, your skin. I have enzymes, moisturizers, essences, SPF, and tools to ensure your multi ethnic skin is delightfully cared for daily.

    Adventure with me