Beauty Boost

Hello Lovely Beauty Boost Friends!


I am so happy you are here.

I have decided to offer you a few different options when visiting me for the first time, why limit your choices, right??

Here's what to do:

  • Decide which of the options I have listed best suites your desires the thrive in life.
  • Services: You will either need to call/text/email me to set up an appointment. 25% off
  • If you want to experience my cozy room, filled with silks, crystals, warm stones then you will also need to set up an appointment by getting in touch with me. Free one time use.
  • Do you think that bespoke, hand crafted, natural and organic skincare, body care, makeup, candles and incense is the way to go? 25% off Here is your code for an online order, with local pickup. beautyboost  Online
    • Wendesday's 4pm-6pm, or by appoinmtment at 4477 W Emerald St, Suite C275 to connect.
  • Private Immersive Reiki Training: Oh beautiful, let's talk about how this can best serve you. 20% savings
  • See something else you have a deep desire to try out? Let me know and I'll work with you on a personal offering.

208 841 9062 call or text letting me know where you found out about me.