A Poetic Testimonial

A Poetic Testimonial

I am so blessed

I am lucky enough to have had some beautiful, eloquent reviews and testimonials written about me. These are always so humbling for me, and I am soooo thankful to you all.

However, I have never had a short story written about me and the healing work that I do for you.

This brought tears to my eyes, my heart unearthed into new capacities of gratitude.

Following is the poetic testimonial I received.


The pains that had locked in her hips gradually subsided.

The popping of the joint softened to a squeak and only some of the time. The energy and tightness had been released and she learned how to send it away, down through her feet and into the floor. The hardwood now claiming the stuckness that had plagued her for years.


The tingling feeling in her fingers finally had a name, an understanding. She knew it meant to shake it out. To let it go. How strange it felt though...both excitement at the thought of starting fresh and still a longing to cling to the sadness she knew for so long. It was a blanket. A quilt of negativity, of pain, of memories and misjudgments that she felt made her who she was. But to let it go, to talk herself down, to think clearly...that was who she wanted to be now.


A lightness came over her.

A lightness from oxygen, from pureness, from nature. A high she felt no longer from needles and spoons, but from silence, vibration, and blankness. If she knew this feeling could be learned and practiced, she never would have needed to inject it. And now, instead of coursing through her veins, with roadmaps on her arms, it came from within. It came from nurturing, from tending. From trusting. And breathing. She breathed into parts of her body she never knew how to before. She felt her gut rise and fall, she put a hand on her lower back to give her new air some guidance. She felt the spark, but only once, to help her know what it felt like to know and connect with her own body. The body she had hated for so many years. The gut she spent her life sucking in, now expanding and hanging in all its glory. The body that grew and expelled two babies that now sagged in ways she never knew possible.


And she came to understand acceptance, and hope. For these marks that made her...stretch marks, track marks, pock marks. The dark spots that dotted her face from pregnancy peppered around her eyes like a raccoon bandit. The loss of youth. To accept them and correct them all at the same time. To not forget what made her HER, but to allow herself to grow up and in, naturally and gracefully.


Thank you for your support

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