Inner Smiles

Inner Smiles

inner smiles

 Working with your inner smiles/a smiley face

This is a mainstay for my personal health and for so many of my clients.

With my clients, I have found that they need reminders, or something a bit more descriptive and know that visualizations can be challenging at times I have made a journal with help on the visualizations.

While I love helping clients directly, I figured it would be helpful to have more options, so here you go!

Here is a quick rundown of what to do.

  1. Find your comfortable place to sit so you can chill and meditate. 
  2. Begin by taking a couple of deep breaths.
  3. Find the comfortable spot for your tongue to rest on the roof of your mouth (normally at the intersection of your teeth and the roof of your mouth.
  4. Smile. Noticing the corners of your mouth raise up.
  5. Decide what your favorite emoji, smiley face, or pearl is. Feel free to find any smiling image that suits you. If you work with a personal ‘quantum image’ use that. The journal has images for you to help you along the way.
  6. Bring your focus to your third eye area (the area between your eyebrows). Feel this area become comfortable (soft and warm with limited thoughts). Allow your body and brain to soften.
  7. Allowing your attention to now move and rest in the center of your brain. Between the tips of your ears, in the center of your brain. This area is known as the Crystal Palace - the home to your pineal, pituitary, thalamus and hypothalamus glands. 
  8. Within your Crystal Palace visualize  (don’t worry, I have a downloadable journal for helping with visualizations) your smile
  9. Using that image, visualize it moving into each of your organs. Moving down from the center of your brain into each organ.
  10. You may also bring this image and lovingness into your lower belly.
  11. No matter which internal place you bring your inner smile ensure that it is filled with kindness.
  12. Continue to ‘smile’ into each or your organs for a comfortable amount of time (5-20 minutes total).
  13. Release the tip of your tongue from the roof of your mouth. Taking another couple of breaths.
  14. Carry on with your day filled (internally and externally) with a loving smile.

Yeah, I know, easy right??  It can be. 

So, to help you out with this I have a journal/workbook/helper of visualizations to give you more detailed information on how to achieve your best inner smiles.

download journal


We smile because we are happy. Happy with our thoughts, with our friends, and with who we are.

Have you ever had a thought and smiled, just because it made you happy? 

What about when you see a member of your family, or a very good friend?

All of these reasons are why we smile.

Science is continuing to show how beneficial smiling is.

Releases neuropeptides, endorphins, and serotonin.


Have you been activated in Reiki 1 & 2?

  • Use your Reiki symbols to further activate and love your chosen image. 
  • Try each of the symbols individually or in various combinations.
  • Give it a try.

In my 54 years of living, I have never seen anyone hurt by a smile. Maybe pissed off, not hurt though.

Your body will appreciate the kindness offered.


Much Love,




What works well with this content? 
If you are new to meditation, give this a try to deepen your basic knowledge of how, and where to meditate. 

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