Natural DIY Sunscreen

Natural DIY Sunscreen

DIY sunscreen recipe

This is a recipe for a nourishing sun protection balm you can easily make at home

What you need to make this natural sunscreen.

Double boiler

8oz jar or variations of that size.  Being that this is a balm, you will want flat, makeup container type jars (unless you like to dig products out of a deep jar???)



~approximately 1/4 C - 1/3 C of beeswax (grated/beads)

~1/4 C shea butter  Natural SPF 4-6

~1/4 C coconut oil  Natural SPF 4-6

~1/4 C red raspberry seed oil  Natural SPF 25-50

~1/4 C carrot seed oil Natural SPF 35-40

~2 Tablespoons powdered zinc oxide SPF 2-20

The SPF in these ingredients all depend on how much is used and the natural occurring variance.

Heat oils in double boiler until they have melted together.

Add beeswax on very low heat.
*Stir to dissolve and obtain the right consistency
When consistency is obtained slowly add the zinc oxide.
Blend well - using a hand or stick blender works well.
Pour into desired jars for storage.

*Test by putting a couple of spoons into the freezer (preferably before you heat the oils.) When wax is melted, dip frozen spoon into the mixture, if it is the right consistency it will harden up into a thick 'balm.'  If it is still runny then add a couple teaspoons of the beeswax until it hardens up.

This recipe has an SPF of about 25-30

Too much to deal with?

Here are some perfect for you options.

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