The Bountiful Benefits of Camellia Oil

Bountiful Benefits of Camellia Oil

Camellia Oil, Orient Olive Oil or Tea Seed Oil is incredibly versatile, and it doesn’t require much to see a tremendous impact. Taken from the ripened seeds of either Camellia trees or Camellia shrubs, its applications range from cuisine to skin and hair care regimens. It’s long history of use continues to prove useful today.  


The Camellia family of plants are native to Asia and flower in the winter. Though their flowers vary in color, they are always vibrant. Camellia seeds ripen over the course of a plant’s life, and, when ready, can be cold-pressed to extract the oil.


Extracting nutrients from Camellia fruit also yields useful compounds like saponin, tannin and pentosan. Camellia Oil isn’t laden with fertilizers, pesticides or chemicals. Which gives it an unadulterated, natural taste when used for cooking, and ensures its safety when applying to the skin.


Camellia Oil culminates in holistic health

Camellia oil has kept its legacy. Here are a few reasons why it’s here to stay:

  •   It has one of the highest levels of Monounsaturated Fat found in oils, over 85%.
  •   It has less saturated fat than Olive Oil.
  •   It’s an amazing source of Omega-9, as well as the vitamins A, B and E.
  •   There is no trans fat nor cholesterol.
  •   It may help regulate blood fat, control coronary heart disease and blood pressure, and reduce cholesterin in the blood.

A Win for the Skin; Great for the Hair  

Camellia Oil rapidly absorbs into the skin, at a pace unmatched by most other oils. It contains antioxidant-rich vitamins like A, B and E, and has various minerals including Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron, Manganese and Magnesium.

With its light, delicate floral aroma, Camellia Oil is a beautiful blend of function and grace. When used on the skin, it lightens stretch marks and age spots, and helps prevent freckles and wrinkling.

The oil deeply nourishes hair with its high content of olegin acids and glycerides. Hair cuticles also develop a smoother appearance, and it helps undo the damage from harsh chemicals. With a simple drop of Camellia, hair begins to shine its natural beauty.  


Tea Seed Oil, Camellia Oil, and its names are as numerous as their uses. Praised for its high smoking point, it’s ideal for pan-frying ingredients on high heat. It also serves as a substitute for other common cooking oils — like Olive Oil and Canola Oil — when sauteing. Its subtle smokey, nutty flavor lies back in the spotlight of the food itself.

But it doesn’t have to be cooked with to unveil its culinary potential. Camellia Oil is also an excellent ingredient in salad dressings, dips and marinades. No matter how you use it, though, its thin viscosity and low residue profile guarantee a dash of gourmet in every meal.   

Camellia Oil is a simple, effective way to improve skin and hair health, and it serves well in shaking up basic dishes. It only takes a little to see a big difference.

Notes from Colleen

This is my absolute favorite product, really! If I could only choose one product for the rest of my life to use, this would be it.

I use it daily on my skin and my hair (I have long thick, curly hair so it really needs the moisture).

The serum #2 listed below, it has a bit of Red Raspberry Seed oil infused with the Camellia Oil. This is to give a small amount of natural sun protection (3-5) for added skincare benefits.

Try it with your eye care too.


Have a brilliant day!!



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