Toning Around Your Eyes

Toning around your eyes

Here's a wonderful way to tone the delicate skin around your eyes.

We are going to jump right into the heart of this matter, as we all want our eyes to look fresh, and vibrant.


I do suggest that you find a comfortable place to either lie down or sit with your back and shoulders well supported.


I find this to be a perfect routine to do first thing in the morning, because who does not want to have amazingly toned eyes all day??!!


Using your middle fingers or rings fingers, work bi-laterally around each eye simultaneously.

Sounds pretty intense, but it's super easy. It means that you will be lightly working in circles around your eyes at the same time.


1. First, place your middle and ring fingers at the beginning (closest to your nose) of your eyebrows.


2. You are going to follow the top of your eyebrow to the end of your eyebrow and continue under your eye by moving your fingers to the top of your cheekbones.

This area below your eye is very delicate so keep a super light touch.


3. Then continue to the inside corners of your eyes, along the top part of your nose.


4. Then back up again to the beginning of your eyebrows.

This is one circle.


Do this facial exercise in a circular motion around the eyes thirty six times. Yep, do one full circle around your eyes 36 times.


If you prefer a bit more slip and glide You may want to use some Camellia Oil.  Please ensure that you are not pulling or tugging on your skin, however. By pulling and tugging you will be making your skin tone worse!

As camellia oil is very light weight and will absorb into your delicate eye area easily, adding to the nourishing aspect of your toned eyes.

Do this exercise daily :)

I love to use the Daytime Serum #1 at night and the Cooling Eye Gel during the day.

Have a brilliant day filled with stunning, toned eyes.


TTFN Colleen


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