Break The Bonds That Hold Us Back


There are many phrases that can actually hold us back in life

They have good intensions behind them, however they can set us up for severe irritation, or make us mad, or set us up for failure.

We are often unaware of our limiting beliefs because they were "passed down" to us by

the attitudes and beliefs of others.

Today it is going to be about those pesky phrases that have good intensions, they just happen to be limiting for our overall wellbeing and positive mindset.



First, let's look at some beliefs that fall under this category

Sayings that can limit our beliefs and our thought processes. We might have heard growing up, or that we continue to hear now.


We are often unaware of our limiting beliefs because they were "passed down" to us by the attitudes and beliefs of others, often times by our parents and friends.


As long as they remain unconscious (we are not aware of them) they can hold us back from achieving our fullest potential and experiencing joy.


For example, if we have heard all of our life that "money is the root of evil" then we may unconsciously create situations that limit our financial success out of fear of that evil. Same goes for "no pain, no gain". Why the heck does gain have to hurt? (this is my personal most irritating one)


Below is a list of some common "phrases" that we are often told growing up or phrases that we hear in our lives and in everyday conversations.


They are so "normal" that we rarely question their validity or consider how they affect our belief systems or make us unhappy. 

Of course, there is some truth and a good intention behind most of them, but we can have an internal knee jerk response to so many of them that we lose sight of the benefits they are trying to offer us in our lives.


Consider which ones of these phrases you have been conditioned to believe, and especially how they have impacted your beliefs and your life.




"Money is the root of all evil."

Good intention: money does not bring happiness and can corrupt.

Conditioned fear: negative association with having money; it turns you into a bad person. 

Potential limits: unconsciously avoiding or sabotaging your own financial success to avoid the "negative qualities" you believe you might develop if you have plenty of money.


"Money doesn't grow on trees."

Good intention: be intelligent with how you spend your money.

Conditioned fear: money scarcity: feeling that there is not enough and it is hard to get.

Potential limits: not believing you can have what you want if it involves having money and, therefore, not achieving your goals of having money.



"Finish your plate. There are starving people in the world."

Good intention: don't be wasteful with food and have compassion for others.

Conditioned fear: food scarcity or guilt for having more opportunity than others.

Potential limits: over eating and health problems. Or holding yourself back to avoid feeling guilty over having more opportunities than others.



"Don't burn your bridges."

Good intention: keep good relationships with people who may one day be a resource.

Conditioned fear: apprehension to do what you know is right for you if you feel it will

make someone disapprove of or reject you

Potential limits: not making a change or taking an opportunity when it comes out of fear

of disappointing, offending, or otherwise burning a bridge



"No pain no gain." (This is my personal most annoying phrase to hear.)

Good intention: the reward is worth the struggle

Conditioned fear: belief that in order to be successful one must suffer

Potential limits: choosing not to make positive changes, or go for what you want because you feel it will be difficult or painful. Worse of all holding yourself back from the success you are so deserving of in your life.



What to do about these sayings?

I suggest choosing one of the beliefs above (maybe the one that bugs you the most??) and re work it in your brain.

Here are the ways that I have reworked the phrases.

  • Use them.
  • Add to them yourself.
  • TIP: Always keep these affirmations in the positive as your brain will positively jive with that better in the long run.


"Money brings me happiness."

"I enjoy my food and love sharing with others in need."

"Burning bridges can bring new experiences into my life."

"Money does grow on trees."


Enjoy the video.

Love life.

Share your experiences with this meditation with me by leaving a comment.


Know you are loved!





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