Conquer Your Fear With A Shift In Words

Conquer Your Fear With A Shift In Words

Words have different meanings

Words and how they affect you have different meanings and emotions attached to them.

These small, subtle differences can have a major impact on your whole, individual health.

Here is a way to identify within yourself, what fear is for you, and how it affects you! Better yet, how to shift it to something more positive.


Check out the words below and truly identify your inner dialogs. What comes up with each one?

Evaluate deeply within yourself, what is fear? What does that feel like for you? 

Look at the words below and identify the words that most resonate with you. Have a written list of them.

Fear also means:

  • alarm
  • apprehension
  • abhorrence
  • agitation
  • angst
  • anxiety
  • aversion,
  • chickenheartedness
  • cold feet
  • cold sweat
  • concern
  • consternation
  • cowardice
  • creeps
  • despair
  • discomposure
  • dismay
  • disquietude
  • distress
  • doubt
  • dread
  • faintheartedness
  • foreboding
  • fright
  • funk
  • horror
  • jitters,
  • misgiving
  • nightmare
  • panic
  • phobia
  • presentiment
  • qualm
  • reverence
  • revulsion,
  • scare
  • suspicion
  • terror
  • timidity
  • trembling
  • tremor
  • trepidation
  • unease
  • uneasiness
  • worry

Imagine these scenarios:

  • Getting ready for work Monday mornings fills you with dread.
  • Bills are due, and that is horribly worrisome.
  • Stage fright has you stuck on the sidelines.
  • Walking down the street can bring you to a state of panic.


Take the word from above and change it with one from below. It’s a great way to change your mental thinking. Be equally honest with what, and how these words make you feel.

  • abundance
  • alleviation
  • amenity
  • assuagement
  • bed of roses
  • cheer
  • calmness
  • coolness
  • contentment
  • convenience
  • coziness, 
  • creature comforts
  • enjoyment
  • ease
  • exhilaration,
  • familiarity
  • intimacy
  • good feeling
  • gratification
  • happiness,
  • luxury
  • opulence
  • peacefulness
  • pleasure
  • plenty
  • poise
  • quiet
  • relaxation
  • relief
  • repose
  • rest
  • restfulness
  • satisfaction
  • snugness
  • succor
  • sufficiency
  • warmth
  • well-being
  • nonchalance
  • peace
  • tranquility


Like this

“I am in a panic about giving a speech tonight.”

Change it to say, “Tonight I am composed and calm about my speech.”


How about this one...

“I am so worried about paying my bills this month."                    

This one could say, "Every month I am calm and grateful about having a job."                          

Or, "I trust in my bills being paid."


Here is a direct way, and, sometimes, painful way to think about worry. Worry is the arrogant assumption that you know more today than you will tomorrow. Live in this moment.


Find other words and phrases that resonate with you. Strive to have these in your everyday living and thoughts. Just saying this can make a difference. Every time you notice your brain bringing up fear, have your thoughts go to the peaceful statement that you created for yourself. However, the biggest difference, and change will occur when you live in the freedom and trust that it will happen.



“I find pure enjoyment in life.”

“I am at peace with my thoughts.”

“I find pleasure in all I do.”

Put these on a piece of paper then hang it on your fridge or on your bathroom mirror. Or carry the paper with you.

Write them down in your favorite app on your phone.

Any time you are feeling doubtful, say these affirmations. 

Now, go have faith in your decisions, trust in your capabilities, and be certain in the value you bring to those around you! Choose not to live in fear, but in trust. 


Enjoy this meditation to bring about even more ways to shift your thoughts into ones of loving calm.

Here's to your awesome self :)



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