Summer Wellness and Outdoor Adventures

Hello my tree loving friends!

Today's meditation is all about loving the outdoors during summer time. Here are a few tips for you to enjoy, along with the video to deepen your body, mind and spirit connection with the trees.

Outdoor Adventure Ideas for Summer Wellness:

  • Forest Bathing: Find a local forest or wooded area and take a mindful walk, immersing yourself in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. Let the tranquility of the forest wash away stress and promote relaxation.
  • Sunrise Meditation: Greet the day with a meditation session as the sun rises. Find a scenic spot outdoors and observe the changing colors of the sky as you practice mindfulness and connect with the new day.
  • Barefoot Walk: Take off your shoes and find a safe patch of grass, sand, or earth. Spend some time walking barefoot, feeling the texture of the ground beneath your feet. This can be a grounding experience and help reconnect with nature.
  • Stargazing Picnic: Enjoy a relaxing evening picnic under the stars. Spread a blanket on a hilltop or in your backyard, and gaze at the constellations while enjoying a light meal.
  • Volunteer in Nature: Give back to the environment while enjoying nature's beauty. Volunteer with a local park or organization working on conservation or clean-up projects.


And, here are your affirmations to enjoy for the month. Or, as long as you wish ...

  1. I breathe in the fresh air of the forest, feeling deeply connected to the ancient wisdom of the trees. With each exhale, gratitude fills me for their life-giving presence.
  2. Just like the tall trees reaching for the sun, I too can rise above challenges and grow towards my goals. The resilience of the natural world inspires me to find my own inner strength and appreciate the simple beauty that surrounds me.
  3. The rustling leaves whisper secrets of resilience and growth. I embrace the lessons of the trees, finding peace and joy in the rhythm of the natural world.
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