Zen of Trees


Imagine, if you will, a sanctuary carved not from stone or mortar, but from the emerald tapestry of living leaves. Sunlight filters through, sprinkling the forest floor in a mosaic of light and shadow. A gentle breeze whispers secrets through ancient branches. Here, amidst the whispering leaves and proud timber, the soul finds solace. This, my friend, is the sanctuary of the trees, where time flows at the pace of rustling leaves and serenity guides you to oneness.

In this wooded sanctuary, worries are shed, and anxieties melt away. You are invited to surrender to the rhythm of nature, to inhale the crisp air perfumed with pine needles and earth, to exhale the burdens that weigh upon your spirits. 

This place of calm and ease is not a destination, but a loving path towards wellness and harmony with oneself and the natural world. Becoming students of the forest, attuned to the silent language of swaying branches and dancing sunlight. Embracing the resilience of the oak, weathering storms with stoic grace. Loving the gentle sway of the willow, bending with the current, while we feel the nurturing touch of the ancient redwood, whispering tales of times past.

Breathe deeply, letting the forest air fill your lungs and cleanse your spirit. This, my tree lover, is the Zen of the trees. It is a whispered invitation to rediscover the quiet solace that dwells within, nurtured by the trees and their ancient wisdom.

The breath of a whisper comes from within, climbing to higher points in treetops. Breathing, and sitting for time to expand into leaves of green. Falling, with the crisp air. The cold. Breathing within, nurturing, allowing all to be. Kisses of warmth, opening again. The Zen of it all.

While this is an older recording, the power of it does not subside. Settle down, and enjoy!

Enjoy the affirmations that go along with this meditation.

Comfortably sit, close your eyes, breathe in the freshness surrounding you, with your inhalations and exhalations say these affirmations to yourself aloud or within.

“I am in step with the Zen of the trees.”

“Walking with the trees I am connected.” “I envelope the cycles of the trees, and find peace.”

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