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Energetic Healing/Reiki Session

Energetic Healing/Reiki Session


Energy Healing is a technique that harnesses the principle of energy transference

This is done between practitioner (me) and client (you). Which then, activates and stimulates the natural healing processes of my clients body, restoring physical and emotional well-being.

Scientifically, energy is usually defined as ‘the ability or capacity to do work.’

  • One form of energy can be readily transformed into another; for instance, a battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy.
  • Sound energy – a wave that moves out from a source as a result of molecules on an object vibrating. Energetic resonance occurs when two vibrations connect. My son is a drummer, believe me when I say, “I know the vibrations of sound.”
  • Motion/kinetic energy – the energy an object possesses because of its motion

 "As always,  my energy healing session was AWESOME! Colleen is so very talented and so in tune!   I love the journey I'm on and I love the very important role Colleen is playing in that." SM - Boise

 Energy work/Reiki excites the cells in your body the same way energy excites gas particles in a neon sign to make it glow. When energy flows freely in you, you glow with health and vitality.

 Words can’t express the power of energy healing within you. Step into yourself, live a life of passion, free of fear and anxiety. Respect who you are, love who you are, share who you are.  Break free and be! I am humbled to be your guide. ~

Much love,


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  • Bring Balance to Your Whole

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