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3 Flower Healing

Jasmine Myst

Jasmine Myst

 Description: Exquisite. Feel confident, secure and divinely feminine. Awaken your intuitive nature.

How to Use:  Spray around yourself.  Spray in your rooms and house (all four corners is best) Spray kids when they come home form school.

Works well with: Meditation candles

Special FeaturesSensuality, Spirituality, Sexuality, Intimacy, Confidence, Divine Feminine

Why I LOVE This Product:  Super easy and  effective when there is a funky aura in your space. It's like a smudge stick in a bottle. I use this in between my clients.

Size:  2 oz

Ingredients:  Flower Essences:  Pungent desert parsley, Monkey Flower and Wapato

Jasmine Sambac

A harmonious blend of pure water, pure (wild & organic) essential oils  & Columbia River Gorge flower essences.

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  • Bring Balance to Your Whole

  • Ease Aches & Pains

  • Naturally Good for You

  • Revel in the Awesomeness of You

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