How to Find a Therapist?

Many times consumers don’t know what to expect with various forms of body work, energy work, hypnotherapy, esthetics, meditations, and metaphysical guidance; this information is designed to give you the confidence in trusting that the therapist you are going to see for your health is right for you.

​Keep in mind that you are building a relationship. That relationship is of vital importance. So, here is what I suggest to do to ensure you can recognize if your therapist is competent or beneficial in your life.

How to tell if a therapist is competent or not?

· Do they have credentials? Well, yes, credentials are important, and are a great guideline to ensure your therapist has training in the desired field. Some states require more or less. 

· Ask to see their credentials. When you see their credentials check to see if they are current.

·  Ask about where they went to school. When did they finish their training? Another thing you might ask them is if they enjoyed the school they went to, and why?

· Talk with them before setting up your appointment – ask if you can come in and meet with them first. A good therapist will always say “yes.” I know that I offer times to come in or have a video call. 

· Ask if they belong to any professional organizations.

· And then, there is this ...the truth about credentials – sometimes the most highly qualified therapist is not right for you, so all of those fancy pieces of paper are worthless in your case. Trust yourself. Narrow down what works for you. 


You have to trust yourself.

Self-trust is difficult when it has not been the norm for you or your upbringing. It is possible and so very doable and makes a difference in situations like finding the perfect therapist for you.

Many states in the U.S. don’t require much in the way of training for energy healing. For this reason, I encourage you to talk with the person first. More than once, if needed.

If they have minimal to no credentials, ask them why and see what their reasoning may be. They may have valid concerns/reasons for not having credentials.

I can go on and on about all of the wonderful services I offer and all of my credentials, however, the most important aspect of finding the right therapist is the relationship that the two of you have, and one that will continue to grow. You need to feel safe and comfortable. It is my goal in life to help you feel safe and comfortable, I do know that not everyone will feel that way with me. And, I am so happy that you know and trust yourself well enough to acknowledge those feelings.


Here are some of my practices, learned throughout my years (business established in 1995) of working with you.  


Client confidentiality; your privacy, it matters.                                            

Your personal health care is no one else’s business. I will not talk to others about it, nor will I share any of your personal information. I do love glowing reports from you about my services, however, it is your choice if you share that information with others. 

I do have people that work with me. They will always have signed a nondisclosure agreement and will always adhere to my uptight ways with your confidentiality.                                   


What to expect (with me anyway)

 You will have received an online form to fill out. Please have that filled out and sent in before your appointment. At the beginning of every appointment, I will go through this info to further assist you in your total health.


No one, (yes, that includes me) knows everything or has all of the answers. Because of this, I encourage you to look at other therapists. I will guide you in what I offer to be the best fit for you and refer you to others if needed.


Just a bit more guidance and material to help you along the way in this powerful journey.

  • People come to me to relax and let go of their garbage, and it does end up in my space. Because of this, I am constantly cleaning out energies and vibes from my work space. The last thing I want is for you to take home someone else's garbage. I also don't want to take home that garbage. So, I cleanse it all out, all of the time. Many of my clients know where to send excess energy in my room as well :) Thank you!!


Following are some questions to help you further identify ways to encourage your whole health. 

1. Are you suffering from emotional pain, distress, anger, frustration, sadness, etc?           

 Yes No

2. Looking for a deeper connection with yourself, searching for self, feeling lost, invisible, unappreciated, unloved, feeling stuck?

Yes No

3. Are you suffering from recurring physical pain? Low back pain, neck pain, tennis elbow, etc?

Yes No

4. Are you pregnant? Did you know massage therapy can shorten maternity hospital stays and can make for an easier labor?

Yes No

5. Are you taking any medications? Are you wanting to stop taking so many medications?

Yes No

6. Have you had any injuries? Have you had any car accidents or other physical/emotional trauma?

Yes No

7. Do you have limited range of motion in your joints and muscles?

Yes No

8. Are you wanting to improve your circulation? Are your hands and feet often cold?

Yes No

9. Have you had any surgeries? Do you have any scar tissue? Do you have numbing or tingling in your fingers or toes?

Yes No

10. Are you living with constant stress? Is your stress home or work related? Both?

Yes No

11. Do you sleep 5-8 hours every night? Are your sleep patterns restless? Do you have recurring dreams or nightmares?

Yes No

12. Do you wish to change a habit? Stop smoking, weight reduction, nail biting, etc

Yes No

13. Do you suffer from migraines?

Yes No

Are you aware of the benefits of energy work, massage, metaphysical mindful guidance, esthetics (skin care) and hypnotherapy?

Yes No

14. Are you experiencing dramatic life changes or shifts? Are you finding your values, patterns/routines, belief systems are being challenged or changing?

Yes No

15. Do you find yourself searching for answers, knowledge, peace, happiness, grounding or spirituality?

Yes No

16. Are you ready to take full responsibility for your life? Where you are now and where you are headed? Ready to change direction and invite new experiences into your life?                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Yes No


Well my friend, Let me know how this works out for you.

I look forward to connecting with you soon,


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