Skin Softening Milk Bath

skin softening milk bath Colleen Fletcher

We all go through moments when our skin feels a bit like the back end of a crocodile.

Fix that feeling with this skin softening recipe.

This simple recipe is easy to make up in advance, and storage is a breeze by using an airtight jar.


What you will need

  • 1 C Full-Fat Powdered Milk
  • 2 T Almond Meal (buy raw almonds and turn into fine ground meal by using your blender or mixer)
  • 2 T Barley or Oat Flour (same with these - ground them up yourself)
  • 2 tsp Body Oil -
  • Suggested oils - almond, hazelnut, coconut
  • Essential Oils if desired. A couple drops of Helichrysum if you have any.


Now for using this recipe

Put dry ingredients into a small reusable bag or even an old nylon stocking (this keeps the mess down in your bathtub). Tie off, and then pop into your warm bath water.

I suggest applying the oil directly to your body - this keeps the oil moisturizing your skin, not clinging to the side of your bathtub!!


Here are more ingredients you can add to your bath for detoxing, itching and bloating.


After your bath

The best time to add more moisture to your skin is after to pat your skin dry.


Try an oil or a lotion - either work well and will bring various nutrients to your skin.

Here are some of my favs to use.


Try this deeply nourishing body moisturizer


Enjoy your peace, tranquility and softer skin


Ta Ta For Now my super soft skinned friends!!!



Have you tried this skin softening bath recipe?

Let me know how your skin felt afterward in the comments below

Loved this recipe? Share it with friends and enemies alike (your enemies might then become your friends!)

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