Summer Skincare Routines

It’s summer, and where I live that normally means hot and dry!


What happens to your skin in the summer heat?


Whether it is hot and dry or hot and matter where you live, people sweat more, and this can cause irritation to some skin types.


What does sweating do for your skin and body? 

  • You sweat to keep your body temperature regulated, these glands are controlled by your nervous system and called eccrine glands.
  • Apocrine glands, or emotional sweat, happens when you are emotionally challenged or some type of threat is perceived. Think of your flight or flight response to stress (stress sweat). The apocrine sweat glands are concentrated in the hair follicles of the following parts of your body: scalp, armpits and groin.
  • Capsaicin or spicy foods, large meat-filled meals, and alcohol can all make you sweat. These are from your body working harder to digest and an increase in your heart rate.
  • Some sweat glands remove toxins from our bodies.
  • As a side note: There is research that says there is a happiness odor that can emanate from your pits. When others smell this, they feel happy too. Do you have happy pits??


Why sweating matters for your best skin?

  • It will cool your skin.
  • Helps to flush out impurities. While most of this process is done via the liver and kidneys sweat does play a role.
  • Helps to keep dirt from building up. You will need to cleanse your skin after you sweat otherwise the released dirt will accumulate again, causing more of an issue.
  • Releases antimicrobial peptides which help to form a natural protection to infections and germs.


 What to do for your skin during the summer months?

Using different skincare protocols and products aid in the overall wellbeing of your skin.

  • No peels, no microdermabrasion. They can wait until fall comes around again. 
  • More moisture, oh yes, it’s time now to get those deep layers of skin filled with moisture.
  • Start using serums and nutrient dense moisturizers that rejuvenate your skin cells.
  • Receive more microcurrent treatments with your facials. Every 3-4 weeks
  • Add in some concentrates to bring about amplified results to your glowing summer skin.
  • Buff your skin, regularly and gently. Please, be gentle. Contact me to guidance because throughout the years I have seen how harsh most people scrub their skin. 


Why no peels and enzymes?

The sun is out and it will cause your melanin to work harder to protect your skin, no matter what your Fitzpatrick scale is. The last thing needed on your freshly peeled skin is the sun hitting your dermal and epidermal layers. Yikes, that is just a better way to get some severe sun damage.


Moisturizers that are deeply absorbed into your skin.  

Use moisturizers that have different molecular cellular sizes. These will absorb into the deeper layers of your skin. Giving more nourishment to the inner skin layers.

Here is a list of heavyweight to lightweight moisturizers I recommend.


Electrical currents for your skin. 

Microcurrent is a low-level electrical current that mimics our bodies own cellular currents. It will help to re-educate your muscles, improving the tone. Umm, yes please, to better tone! Book your appointment with me for a wholistic facial, including micorcurrent.


Target your skin's needs with moisture. 

Moisture is so necessary for ALL skin types. Especially now during the summer months with increased UV exposure. Moisture dense creams that continue to nourish and add vitamins to your skin will continue the regenerative processes of your skin, without adding to the damage the sun can cause. Give yourself glowy skin all season. 

 Natural Sun Protection

Enjoy time spent in the sun during the morning or later in the afternoon/evening.

Cotton or linen clothing with a tight weave in darker colours is a great way to enjoy skin protection.

Hats! Use them. Enjoy a company that I have modeled for! Yep, that is my side gig!

Products I carry for your best summer skin

  • Fresh Citrus Cleansing Gel - A refreshing sugar based citrus cleansing gel that cleanses thoroughly without stripping, refreshes and brightens. This products is now formulated with active exfoliating enzymes and Turbinado sugar. Can be used daily.
  • Cleansing Oil for Balanced Skin - Use this gentle oil cleanser in combination with the Fresh Citrus Cleansing Gel for a skin changing, life altering double cleanse.
  • Rose Toner - to calm your skin - Use day and night before you moisturize. A great midday pick me up for Fitzpatrick 1-6. Fitzpatrick 3-6 this will be amazing if you are prone to inflammation. **
  • Black Current Hydra Creme - is filled with nourishing oils to drench your skin - Use daily, morning and night. This might be too thick and rich for humid climates, if so, check out the two creams below. Perfect for Fitzpatrick 1-6.
  • Green Tea Balancing Creme - is your lovely, lightweight creme that absorbs quickly into your skin. It’s low in oils and perfect for congested skin. Rich in turmeric, which is delightful to help keep hyperpigmentation at bay during the summer UVA and UVB rays. Perfect for Fitzpatrick 3-6 and those with hyperpigmentation.
  • Wild Berry Nutrient Creme - is your antioxidant rich cocktail of nourishment for dry summer skin.
  • Daytime Serum #2 - A deeply penetrating oil with a natural SPF of 3-5. Use daily after your Rose Toner, allow to sit for 5 minutes then layer with your favorite creme. All Fitzpatrick types need more SPF.
  • Daytime Serum #3 - A thick serum that deeply nourish your skin. Filled with meadowfoam oil, this rich oil mimics your own natural sebum. Use for especially dry skin.
  • Cooling Eye Gel - To keep your summertime radiance with your lovely eyes - Use twice daily. For Fitzpatrick 1-6.
  • SPF-Dusk to Dawn is delightful. For Fitzpatrick 1-6.



What else will help in your whole health skincare and body care routines?

  • Radiance tincture and tea to nourish your skin from the inside. 
  • Body creams for moisture on the rest of your body. These have no SPF in them. So all Fitzpatrick types will need to be mindful of sun exposure.
  • SPF for body (for Fitzpatrick 1-6), It is dense in titanium dioxide so it will be a bit pasty and Fitz 3-6 might not like it. I am looking hard for SPF for Fitz 3-6. If you know of companies let me know.
  • Deodorants that allow your body to remove toxins, naturally. Non antiperspirant, natural types.
  • Facial with microcurrent every 3-4 weeks. This is helpful for all Fitzpatrick skin types.


Time to get into a new routine and bring out your best skin!


If you have any questions please get in touch with me.


Much love,



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