Planting the Seeds of Love

Planting the seeds of love

Planting the Seeds of Love

Planting seeds of love allows for more:

  • Prosperity to flow in life.
  • Wellness in your life. Personally, and professionally.
  • Health of family.
  • Health of community.

What this meditation will guide you in?

How to visualize a seed which you can plant your love, your dreams and goals.

Take a seed, either physically or visualize one, then plant it with your love followed by your dreams and goals.


The affirmations used in this meditation

“I share my love in waves of gratitude.”

“Through love my life is complete."

"“I plant the seeds of my love with ease."


Need more help with the beginning stages of meditation? This online course is designed to do just that, because we all need to start some where.

Thank you for being a lover of trees.

Thank you for being a lover of meditation.

Most of all, thank you for your support.

Much Love,




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