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What a way to expand the beauty you have within.

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    Immerse Me in Reiki
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    Reiki 1 & 2 Immersive Retreat

    September 2-4, 2022

    Awaken the Beautiful You

      • Calm - when life is hectic.
      • Renew - the self limiting beliefs still lingering in life.
      • Heal - resolve the underlying emotional issues that initiated the physical manifestations of pain. Holy crap, is this a big one, and so important in expansion.
      • Grow - into YOU.

      Maybe none of ☝️is you? Maybe you want to go from A to B in life (no matter your baseline; good, bad or a total shit show) - yep! Let’s rock your life. This is the MAIN REASON delightful women like you take my Reiki Courses and Retreats. They are ready for the crazy roller coaster rides to end. With With Reiki 1&2 Immersive Retreat, lives are forever filled with new tools to care for the roller coaster rides in life. Ready?

      Everything becomes easier

      Everything becomes clearer

      And flow becomes the flavor of the day...the week...your lifetime

      Profound connections to activate the bold confident woman in you

        This is for you if:

        • Your internal wellbeing wishes to be expanded upon.
        • Your desires in personal growth need to come out and play.
        • You seek soul sisters to savor life with.
        • You know it is time to change your world.


        • Even if you think you can’t.
        • Even if you have often said, "I can't meditate."
        • Even if you have taken Reiki from someone else.
        • Even if you’ve spent hours wondering why you can’t feel this quantum, energetic connection known as Reiki.

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        "I had taken Reiki 1 and 2 before, from someone else. I learned more in one hour from Colleen than I did in my previous weekend long Reiki training. I am thrilled that I took this from Colleen. Now I know how to feel and use this inner guidance." A.T. Boise

        Reiki Immersive Retreat - Our time together

        • Friday evening - Setting your inner stage - connections through meditations.
        • Saturday and Sunday - Training, guidance and immersion in Reiki 1 & 2.
        • Private boutique classroom, dedicated to your learning. My space is ADA approved.
        • Light snacks throughout our times together.
        • Spa waters and herbal teas all three days.
        • How to FEEL the energies of Reiki flowing with you.

        Extra additions - not mandatory

        • Access to private continuing Reiki Flow on Discord - so you can keep on giving and receiving Reiki with others.
        • Mindful Walks in the Park - available to all mobility levels.
        "Had I heard about Reiki from anyone other than Colleen, I would have never taken this course nor experienced a private session with her. Colleen offers Reiki in such a way that it is fun to learn and powerful to receive. (Get a treatment session from her too.) Take a Reiki course, or any trainings from Colleen!" KE Boise
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        What you'll learn, and who will you BE at the end of this immersive weekend training

        • Reiki activated version of you; the mindful, powerful one you see in your dreams.
        • Confident leader in your world.
        • Connected to your superpowers.
        • Meditations in mindfulness, personal connections, and self compassion.
        • Certified in Reiki 1 and in Reiki 2. 

        Need a little more about 'what is Reiki?'

        The best way to think about ‘what is Reiki,’ is to think about a deeply tranquil meditation. It’s a way to deepen your calm, mindful self even further, into the immersed depths of your WHOLE beautiful wellbeing.

        This is done with meditative guidance (by me) during your class. The Reiki connection is a process of activating the sacred relationships deep within your body and mind. You will sit in deep repose as I activate the Reiki connections with you.

        Reiki 1 is all about activating the deeply healing connection with yourself.

        Reiki 2 is all about expanding upon the healing of yourself while knowing how to give those curative aspects to others - think of helping your family (human or animal) when they are sick or injured.


        What I provide for your immersed experience

        Colleen Fletcher

        • Private, soothing, immersive meditation classroom.
        • Hands on learning experience.
        • Everyday usage of Reiki - Reiki in the Real World.
        • Meditations tailored to Reiki Immersion.
        • All meditation cushions.
        • Pens, paper and training portfolio.
        • I have plenty of stuffed animals - honest, they are part of your training, but I suggest, if possible, that you bring your own, (nothing huge or super small, an average lap sized is perfect).


        If, and only if, you would prefer to bring your own meditation type cushions, please do so.

        If, and only if, you would prefer to have your own pen and paper, please do so. A journal perhaps?

        What I bring to this training.

        • 28 years as a somatic wellness guide.
        • Trainings in how to activate your skincare routines.
        • How to use Reiki for pain reduction.
        • Mindful meditations.
        • Using Reiki in the real world.

        frangipani row

         Joining me from out of town?

        Here are few hotels and restaurants that are close to my location if you are joining me from out of town.

        Inn at 500

        The Modern

        Cabana Inn

        The Grove Hotel

         Local Restaurants

        Bar Gernika

        Moon's Kitchen Cafe

        Big City Coffee

        Richards - located in Inn at 500


        About me and Reiki

        I am Reiki Master in

        • Usui
        • Holy Fire



          "More awareness of myself, a deep feeling of connectedness and empathy. More confidence in my gift. More connected with clear vision." Beth McCall, Idaho

          reiki retreat

          Dates and times for your retreat

          Friday September 2nd 6pm-8pm

          Saturday September 3rd 9:30 - 4:30

          Sunday, September 4th 9:30 - 4:30

          • I have 4 spots available at $1947, reserve today.
          • After the first 5 reservations have been spoken for, your immersive journey in Reiki is $2447.00 .
          • My intent with this larger class is to have the breadth of many people joining together for a dynamic experience in the pure potentiality of Reiki.
          • Please, contact me if you need more information on this weekend retreat immersed in being and thinking nice thoughts about yourself, training in Reiki, and real world self empowerment.
          • I will also have a couple places available for those of you that wish to receive Reiki Reactivation with me. Please reach out to me directly.

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          Let's Talk About Reiki

          Yep, the small print.

          ~First come first served for the savings price.


          $100 processing fee for any cancellation, anytime before the retreat.

          14 days before the event 50% (1/2) of your total will be refunded if an emergency arrises.

          After that, 25% of of your fee will be refunded if an emergency arrises.



          • Goals

            brought to life

          • Dreams

            lived with a smile

          • Tranquility

            of body, mind and spirit