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3 Flower Healing

Back to Center

Back to Center

Description: Feel emotionally and energetically supported by the flowers of the Columbia River Gorge during times of emotional healing and transformation. You can take Back to Center before, during, or after healing treatments to help you integrate emotional shifts in your nervous system. This formula will re-stabilize your energy field after massage, energy healing, bodywork, counseling, etc.

How to use: 3 drops 3 times per day under your tongue. Or add to your water and sip all day.

Special Features: Works with any other form of personal well-being treatment as it harmonizes with their positive actions, from facials to massages, to meditations, this product seamlessly fits into your routine, amplifying the benefits of each practice.

Why I LOVE this: The subtle, yet extremely powerful connection with you and the plants from the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.

Works well with: 

Size: .5 oz

Ingredients: Water infusion of flower essences of Queen Anne’s Lace, Heart-leaf Buckwheat, Self-heal, Bi-colored Cluster Lily.

Flower essences in water and brandy as a preservative.

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  • Bring Balance to Your Whole

  • Ease Aches & Pains

  • Naturally Good for You

  • Revel in the Awesomeness of You

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