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Cultivating Well-being – A 3-Part Journey:

Cultivating Well-being – A 3-Part Journey:


Hey Friends! 

We would love to have you attend the next two classes, either online or in person. Each class is $55.00  if you sign up for both it will be $105.

Break free from societal pressures, walk the path of self-compassion, and enjoy the breeze of life as it stirs your soul into thriving in your intrinsic value.

Join Stephanie Florence from Yoga for Life and Colleen Fletcher from Wholistic Beauty for a well-being journey. One of blended meditation, Reiki, chakra balancing and yoga.

In this 3 part journey we will explore, love and self-care through a guided meditation,  personal rejuvenation and self awakening through a Reiki session, and sustaining your health through a chakra balancing session.

Group Guided Meditation, Group Reiki Session, and a Group Chakra Balancing Session with Colleen Fletcher and Stephanie Florence.

February 3rd 10-11:30

March 2nd 10-11:30

April 6th 10-11:30

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Women hold the keys to naturally healing themselves, their family and their part of the world.

Business Established 1995


Little mindful retreats filled with honesty and harmony

Upcoming events listed and previous meditations included

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