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Energetic Healing - Inner Circle

Energetic Healing - Inner Circle

Welcome to the Inner Circle, where I help you via energy work to cultivate lasting, positive change. Become a part of my Inner Circle today and be treated as family. I connect with my family daily to ensure their well-being and worth, guiding them through life’s hiccups and hurdles; blessings and boons.

When you join my Inner Circle, you will be treated to one week or one month (the choice is yours) of guidance, deep energy work and advice on breathing techniques, meditation practices, and stretching tips. Whatever you need most, I am your Pocket Guru! And, naturally, we will cater to your individual needs.

One week $1680 / One month (4 weeks) $6720


I will document the whole time with updates sent to you via email or text. Normally how this looks is … ‘hey, you had a rough night sleeping. That dream that awakened you, revisit that and notice how your belly felt. Take a deep breath and allow that tension to flow down your legs.” ~ Colleen


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