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Wholistic Beauty Boutique

Somatic Bodywork

Somatic Bodywork


Epic regeneration for today, and tomorrow 

This is where bodywork and energy work blend into the depths of body, mind, spirit transformation.  

Somatic bodywork refers to a range of therapeutic practices that focus on the connection between the mind and the body, with the aim of promoting physical and emotional well-being. It encompasses a variety of hands-on techniques and approaches that address tension, trauma, and imbalances within the body, mind and spirit.

Energy work allows for a stronger connection between you and raw life energy. Combined, these time-honored traditions, will bring about stress relief, pain reduction and peaceful calm in your life. It's where generational healing of ancestral lineages is brought to the front of your total healing process.

What I bring to your self renewing table?

  • 28+years of massage therapy.
  • 26+ years of physical postural rebalancing techniques.
  • 26+ years of Reiki and energetic healing skills.

"I have been in the healing business, giving & receiving, for several years and Colleen is the one that was able to help in areas I have spent several years searching for help. She is truly gifted, loving and so uplifting! I felt absolutely amazing when floating out of her place! Katy, Featherville Idaho

Postural Rebalancing -  addresses chronic pain, misalignment of body structure and repetitive movement injuries. It is a very specific type of work and not for everyone. Please contact me first to see if this specialized treatment is for you. Precise bodywork for body pains.

A great addition to any of your bodywork sessions is my Chi Machine.

I have a unique talent in easing your pains, which is not for everyone.

Through my vast combination of training and over 28 years in business, and the merging of my heart and hands my clients realize the power of my work and benefits to their body.

This work is ideal if you are using any of the many techniques of emotional release. As this releases those bound areas in your physical body. If you are not able to come to me then please visit my energy work page as this can be done via in absentia (distance healing).

Many of my clients come from out of town and state, due to the individualized power of my work.  Feel free to call and talk with me about how to best serve you in your journey to body, mind and spirit wellness. 

Contact me directly to set up your appointment. For my personal safety I do not have online booking available.

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